Services of Shared Hosting Providers Ideal for Small Businesses

Shared hosting is an affordable form of web hosting where numerous websites share the server and the resources that come with it. Everything on the server like bandwidth, CPU, storage space are shared among the users but they are allotted limited sharing of resources like email accounts, FTP and databases. Since the infrastructure and resources are split among various users even the expenses incurred are spread over the users making it the cheapest form of web hosting.


The clients have the option of going in for either Linux or Windows operating system. Windows is a commercial product owned by Microsoft and carries a license fee while Linux is free open source software. This makes the plans and services of Linux shared hosting providers the most economical in the web hosting business.

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Linux shared hosting is well suited for

  • People new to the website business
  • Small businesses that do not have much traffic targeting only limited audience
  • Building their own personal websites
  • Have limited budget and look for affordable platform to launch.

Features offered:

There are considerable features that the clients using the services of Linux shared hosting providers get. These include:

  • Utmost uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth, storage, disk space
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Email addresses,
  • cPanel control panel
  • Malware and virus protection
  • Supports scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python and databases like MySQL and more.

There are many benefits that customers get with the Linux shared hosting providers services:

Price: it is the least expensive web hosting platform ideal for the startups.

  • Support: Host offers round the clock customer support
  • Flexible: Linux allows users the choice of distribution systems like Ubuntu, Debian,
  • CentOS, Mint Linux and many more.
  • Reliable: Linux is more stable compared to windows. It does not require frequent reboots like Windows needs.

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