What are the Features of VPS Server Hosting?

In VPS server hosting, a single server is divided to create multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers can run its own version of an operating system; so they function independent of one another. Users enjoy root access to the server and can install programs and applications of their choice. This makes VPS hosting the perfect middle ground between shared hosting plans and dedicated hosting plans. It is ideally suited for small and medium sized businesses which want to enjoy features of dedicated hosting minus the high costs.

What features will VPS server hosting offer?

  • When you choose to buy VPS hosting plans from a reliable VPS hosting provider, you can get root access to the server. This will allow you to run your own version of the operating system, whether Linux or Windows. You can also install software and applications which suit your business interests.
  • VPS hosting also allows you to tweak the server settings according to your convenience. You can even reboot or restart the server without having to wait for the provider’s approval.
  • In VPS hosting, you can either choose to manage the account on your own or you can buy managed hosting solutions. The latter ensures that all technical problems related to the server are resolved by the hosting provider without delay. This is useful for client enterprises that may not have a tech savvy team for troubleshooting.
  • When you choose PS hosting, your server is monitored and secured by the provider. The provider will implement necessary security provisions and ensure that data is safe from virus attacks or hackers or malware.
  • With VPS hosting, data backups are also taken care of by the provider. You should ideally choose a provider that lets you manually back up the data if required.

So, with VPS server hosting, you can enjoy almost all features of a dedicated server without having to monitor the server or pay for it. VPS is therefore a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting solutions. It is very useful for businesses which have outgrown resources that shared hosting can offer.


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