Expand Your Horizons by Using Cloud CDN Services from Reputable Provider

In the universe of World Wide Web speed is the most vital factor. In one of the studies, it was demonstrated that more than seventy percent of visitors would go away from websites that require more than just five seconds of loading time.

Brief overview of CDN

Speed can drastically affect visitor engagement and force them to move away from your website. This is of greater significance if your need to deliver content in forms of video files, pictures, live streaming, or text across multiple global locations. Physical distance between a server and visitor plays major role in determining speed of delivery.

Content Delivery Network accelerates speed of delivery by leveraging well-connected network of edge servers. Content is delivered by the edge server that is proximally located near the delivery point irrespective of the location of original server.

Content purging ensures that only the latest content is delivered to end point thereby facilitates updating of data as and when desired. Cloud CDN services help reduce latency and boost loading time. CDN resources are highly scalable to reduce impact of traffic spikes on delivery.

CDN ensures that static as well as dynamic content can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users from diverse geographical locations. Cloud CDN services are extremely useful for online enterprises. Similarly bulk data can be easily accessed by masses from government sponsored websites.

Importance of Cloud CDN for businesses

From the business point of view, Cloud CDN boosts conversion rates with faster loading of sites and swift content delivery. Improved page loading speeds can actually enhance revenue earnings.

Websites must offer a pleasant browsing experience to visitors. Slow and sleepy websites can cause frustration and subsequent loss of potential buyers. You will be able to achieve the optimum webpage loading time of two seconds by leveraging reputed cloud CDN services.

Ranking algorithms of leading search engines consider page speed as an important criterion to arrive at page ranks. If you are able to deliver content faster, then your website will be benefited in terms of higher ranking on important search engines.
It is recommended to know the list of locations where CDN POPs are positioned by CDN service provider. This can give you a fair idea about efficiency of delivering content to your target audience.

While analyzing cloud CDN services, offered by different hosts, please note what types of contents are delivered along with supported protocols and methods adopted. Live streaming is an important content and it is observed that service provider using Wowza Media Server 3 is in a better position to deliver flawless live streaming to end users.

Availability of HTTP Push can boost delivery of data exceeding 50 MB in size without hassles. This can include game patches or application installers. In case of smaller files ‘Pull’ is an ideal choice. Right cloud CDN services offer user-friendly and secure caching server templates backed by comprehensive monitoring and reporting of CDN infrastructure.

CDN services are highly regarded as affordable and scalable solutions for assured delivery of content in real time. No wonder, huge chunk of content delivered through internet leverages cloud CDN services from trusted providers.


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