Which are the Factors to consider when looking for Cloud CDN Hosting providers?

CDN stands for content delivery network and cloud CDN hosting providers will deliver content for your site to end users with the highest security and quickest speeds. When a user wants to view any web page, he makes a request that is directed to the web server; when servers receive these requests they send the information requested for to that user. But the physical distance between the server and user is often too great so much so that the content needs to travel for a long time in order to be seen by the end-user. This is why your site needs to hire services of cloud CDN hosting providers. These providers own a network of multiple servers which are distributed geographically all across the globe. They will copy your site content to each of these servers and when viewers request for some information, it can be sent to the user from the server that is closest to him to save time and increase the speed dramatically. You can use some useful tips for choosing cloud CDN hosting providers:


  • To start with, the cloud CDN hosting providers you choose should have a global reach and must have servers placed in various strategic locations. So, the provider should be able to hand you over statistics to reveal how viewers can access your website data.
  • When your site provides sensitive information, you must ensure that the cloud CDN provider you have selected has proper measures for secure transfer of data. When there are a huge number of viewers trying to access your content simultaneously, you need to choose cloud CDN provider that can guarantee you a reasonably large bandwidth. The CDN provider should be able to support all advanced technologies like Windows Media streaming or Flash streaming.
  • Before you sign up with cloud CDN hosting providers, you must review your own site requirements. So, you should find out about your own bandwidth needs. When your site does not get too much web traffic, it is not necessary to sign up for any premium package. You can make use of free CDN solutions to take care of the internet traffic you receive. However, if you get more than 500GB traffic every month, you need to offload these hits to a reliable CND provider. When your site has podcasts, media files, large images, videos and software downloads, it is better to go for a CDN service to ensure that your viewers can access all such media faster.
  • Before signing up with cloud CDN hosting providers, you must inquire about their network performance. So, you should know your users’ location and how many servers you need in your CDN provider. When most of your audience is based in the US, you should choose a provider in that country with more servers in that area.
  • You should inquire about the prices of the CDN packages depending on how much money you are ready to spend every month for this service. The prices will vary from one CDN provider to another. The plan you choose will depend on your business needs and the kind of traffic your site gets. You can also choose providers which offer free trial versions.
  • Finally, you must find out about the kind of support your CDN provider will offer. They should be able to offer you supports through phone calls, emails and live chat facilities. So, it is recommended that you review their SLAs carefully.

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