What factors to Consider While Choosing Best Cloud Hosting Providers India

Cloud technology is the fastest growing technology today. Although initially there was a lot of hesitation and skepticism over security and high costs, businesses of all sizes are now moving totally or some of their workloads to the cloud. Cloud services saves your business time and money. It is more reliable and efficient. You could benefit further if you do a little homework and select the best cloud hosting providers India services for your business.

Assess your requirements

If you are a small business and find that the shared hosting suits your needs, then you may not necessarily have to outsource your IT to the best cloud hosting providers, India. You could consider upgrading to the cloud when your business grows and you find the traffic flow steadily increasing. Shared hosting has several restrictions with its rigid resource availability that may hamper the growth of a business. But if you are a small business with no plans of expansion to wider markets, shared hosting should suffice.


What you need from the best cloud hosting providers India: 

  • Data security with firewalls, encryption and data replication, SSLs, SSDs, anti D-DoS solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support over phone, mail and chat.
  • Strong SLAs with uptime commitment.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Scalable storage.

The providers should be experienced offer high quality infrastructure. Read the reviews and testimonials from their present and past customers.  The plans have to be flexible and affordable. Compare the prices of different vendors. There should be a reason for someone charging more than the others. Come to a clear understanding about the confidentiality and ownership of data.

The best cloud hosting providers India will augment the benefits of the cloud further with their quality services. The features of cloud include

  • Scalability: Cloud is highly scalable. You can add or discard resources on demand depending on your traffic requirements.
  • Reliable: Cloud runs on a cluster of servers. Even if one of the components fail, resources are made available from the other components in the network.
  • Affordable: Cloud vendors charge on the pay-as-you-use- model. This eliminates the need of paying on fixed rates for resources you do not require.
  • Available: Users can access their data at any time, from any location and on any device. All they need is a good internet connection.

Cloud server hosting is available in the three platforms of

Public cloud:  Services are offered over the internet for individuals and businesses to draw their required resources

Private cloud:  A secluded and private environment is created and the services are offered to one business only.

Hybrid cloud:  An amalgam of the best features of both private and public cloud.

The best cloud hosting providers India replicate the data over multiple servers and allow fast and easy accessibility. This allows you easy collaboration among your employees even if they are away from your business premises and contribute to the projects on hand.  Data replication over remote locations allows easy replacement of your data in case you lose it due to accidental deletion or by some disasters.


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