Ways to Get Affordable Dedicated Hosting Services

When your website needs more resources than what shared hosting can offer you, it is better to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan or get affordable dedicated hosting services. In dedicated hosting, you can enjoy all the resources belonging to the server exclusively on your own. You will come across many providers offering low-priced dedicated server hosting plans. However, you must be careful to choose quality affordable dedicated hosting services instead of settling for a provider simply because it offers cheap hosting solutions.


Things to consider when choosing affordable dedicated hosting services:

  • You need to know about hardware specifications before signing up with a dedicated hosting provider. When you get low-priced plans, the first thing to check is whether you will get round-the-clock support from the host. This is especially important because if the server malfunctions for some reason, you need a support team to troubleshoot the glitch right away; else your site will end up slowing down and losing customers.
  • You must be wary of dedicated web hosting providers which do not offer money-back guarantees on their plans. This is important because after signing up with a host, you may soon find out that the site is remaining inaccessible for a considerable period of time. Money-back guarantees on plans allow you to test the hosting services first before paying for them.
  • You should try to get affordable dedicated hosting services but not at the cost of root access. In short, your host must offer you complete root access to the server so that you can install custom software and operating system of your choice.
  • You need to find out if there are advanced support provisions for customers buying low-priced dedicated servers. For instance, you must check to see whether you will get any help in installing scripts. There are times when plug-ins trigger technical problems which must be resolved immediately. So, advanced support is a necessity in these situations and there may be extra charges for such support. It is therefore recommended that you check for these support features being provided by a host to be sure that you have been able to get the best advanced support from a web host.
  • Dedicated servers are likely to be far costlier compared to virtual servers or shared servers. At the same time, you have to ensure that the costs do not overshoot your hosting budget. It may be a good idea to speak to sales representatives first before you actually sign up for a hosting package. When you choose Linux servers, you can save on your monthly costs because Linux is an open source OS and there are no licensing charges. However, for businesses which run ASP or ASP.NET technologies, they have to opt for Windows dedicated servers because these will run in a Windows-only environment. Windows servers are costlier than Linux servers.
  • If you can choose unmanaged dedicated hosting, you can enjoy affordable dedicated hosting services. This is because in unmanaged hosting, you are responsible for maintaining and securing the servers, not the host. This is a viable alternative when you have a seasoned IT team to take care of server management issues.

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