Top Attributes of How Cheap Cloud Server Hosting in India Benefits Your Organization

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service based on the virtual technology offered across a network of interlinked servers. The fundamental difference between the cloud hosting and the traditional hosting is that the consumers draw the cloud services over the internet. Cheap cloud server hosting in India is an ideal and affordable hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. Cloud hosting is offered in three models.

cloud-server-hosting1.  Public cloud: It is the most popular form of cloud hosting. It can either be free or billed as per usage. The service provider offers resources and services to the public over the internet. The consumers subscribe to the service they require and are billed on an hourly or monthly basis. It is an ideal form for individuals and small businesses.

2.  Private cloud: Works in the same way as public cloud with the difference that here the services are offered to only one entity. It ensures a more private and secured environment. It is generally preferred by the large business houses that have high traffic.

3.  Hybrid cloud: Combines the features of both public and private cloud. Here the users can host their non-sensitive data on the public cloud and use the private cloud for their mission- critical applications.

Highly cost-effective:

Users pay for the services they consume on the pay-as-you-use billing model. So, they do not waste their money by buying resources on plan basis and leave them unutilized. Another major benefit of the cheap cloud server hosting in India is that the service provider offers all the resources over the internet. The users do not have to pay for any hardware and software infrastructure or any licenses or for their maintenance.

Minimum downtime:

Cheap cloud server hosting in India offers high availability. In case you are on a dedicated server and it goes down due to an issue, it requires physical human effort which may require at least an hour or two to replace the server, which means your website is down till then. Cloud technology has automated features by which any issue is detected and resources are diverted from the other active servers to make sure your website gets its resources continuously.

Access from anywhere:

Cloud gives you access to your data and applications over the internet. This means you can access your applications from anywhere so long as you have a device that is having an internet connection. You do not have to go back to your business premises to access your data saving you both money and time. This feature of cheap cloud server hosting in India makes it possible for a business to continue to run seamlessly like for example, your employees are working on a project from different locations. Each of them can do their work, update their report without having to report back to the office to give their feedback.


One of the significant benefits of the cheap cloud server hosting in India is that it allows a business to scale their resources as per traffic demands. You can add or reduce your server capacity with just a few clicks on demand.


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