Is it Possible to Get a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Finding a cheap dedicated server is not difficult if you know what to look for in a hosting plan. In dedicated hosting, you can rent an entire server. So, all resources belonging to the server will be accessible by you alone. It is therefore not surprising why dedicated hosting plans are priced steeply. However, it is indeed possible to get affordable dedicated hosting packages which are effective too. You can even get a cheap dedicated server $30 worth when you use some important criteria to determine whether the hosting provider is reliable or not.


How can you find a cheap dedicated server?

  • It is possible to buy a cheap dedicated server when you choose to run Linux as your operating system. Linux plans are typically cheaper compared to Windows hosting plans. This is because Linux is open-source and there is no fee for licensing. However, if your site runs applications which need .Net technologies, you may have to settle for Windows servers because such applications will work in a Windows-only environment. Sites using Perl and PHP can however benefit from the cheap Linux hosting plans.
  • When you are looking for cheap dedicated server hosting, you need to check whether the provider can offer you the amount of RAM and CPU you need. The more power-hungry applications you use, the greater will be your need for power and memory. When you have a busy website which runs multiple .Net-powered forums, you will need more RAM and CPU. A static brochure website, on the other hand, will not need as much power.
  • It might be easy to find a provider that can offer you cheap dedicated server hosting, but you need to be sure that it can give you additional bandwidth when you need it. For instance, graphic-intensive sites will require higher bandwidth. You will need to sign up with a hosting provider which has high-speed pipelines to guarantee higher bandwidth delivery.
  • You may also be able to get yourself a cheap dedicated server when you sign up for unmanaged hosting solutions. In unmanaged dedicated hosting, the responsibilities of monitoring servers rest with you and not the host. This is a good option when you have a capable and experienced staff to support you. But, when you lack a capable staff, it is better to choose managed hosting. Managed hosting plans may be costlier but the host remains responsible wholly for server management. It will also take care of troubleshooting of server problems. When you manage a server independently, you can enjoy far more control over the resources. So, if you have security threats and want to mitigate such risks, you can use the resources at your disposal without waiting for your host’s approval. You may decide which information needs to be shared; you can also protect data better from hackers and virus attacks.
  • While finding a cheap dedicated server is definitely an achievement, you must be wary of vendors which charge you hidden fees. You may get affordable hosting solutions from many vendors, but some may charge you fees upfront. Some providers may demand fees for installation and migration, while others may charge you for upgrades and updates. So, it is advisable to compare the packages and review the SLAs well before signing up.

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