What are the Benefits of Choosing Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions?

Managed cloud hosting solutions allow businesses to share and enjoy access to resources like hardware and software through remote networks via many servers in different locations. The primary focus of managed cloud hosting solutions is on availability and security. Compared to servers that can be acquired through hourly rates, managed cloud servers are available on monthly rates or even long term contracts for enterprises running critical applications. So, managed cloud hosting solutions are cost-effective like public cloud hosting solutions, and secure and reliable like private clouds.


What benefits will you get from managed cloud hosting solutions?

  • Managed cloud hosting solutions will guarantee consistent availability. Being designed on the private cloud architecture, these solutions use effective redundancy. This means that they offer reliable failover protection.

  • Even if hosts stop functioning, the cloud servers have an advantage because of their continuously available infrastructure.

  • Costs involved in managed cloud hosting solutions are practically the same as public cloud hosting. So, resources will be charged depending upon their usage. This ensures cost savings for the clients. When you have on-premise managed services, you will need to bear long-term maintenance and repairing costs. But, instead of making high investments in servers and data center equipments, it makes sense to sign up with a cloud vendor. You can then save both on capital and operational costs, and from their utility pricing model.

  • When you sign up for cloud hosting, you can enjoy greater reliability because the vendor has complete control over the network and troubleshoots issues as and when these arise. When you opt for managed cloud hosting solutions, you will not have to worry about data protection. Data is secure and backed up in other locations. You will also not have to be concerned about losing valuable data.

  • With managed cloud hosting solutions, you can also enjoy better IT security. Earlier, one of the main reasons why cloud adoption was not happening at the rate expected was because of data security concerns. But, with the evolution of cloud computing technologies, more and more businesses have started to appreciate its advantages. Their fears about data security have also been eliminated. Cloud computing has improvised company defence systems. Vendors are also able to enjoy the benefits of economies of scale and they can now buy new solutions for data protection.

  • With managed cloud hosting solutions, you will also be able to enjoy faster networks. You can now concentrate on your business matters while your vendor handles all the necessary updates and security issues. When you have less technical issues and a higher network speed, you are able to ensure client satisfaction.

  • Managed cloud hosting solutions will also be far more flexible and customizable. This is because businesses can now get IT resources in real time. They can scale their resources up and down as and when required. This is especially beneficial for companies which have traffic spikes during sales periods in certain times of the year.

To sum up, managed cloud hosting solutions are found to be useful for one and all, whether you own a small business or lead a large corporation. You are free to customize your plans and your vendor can give you the reliability and flexibility you need for your business. Although security malfunctioning is rarely an issue when you get managed cloud hosting services, it is still advisable to check your vendor’s security standards. You must engage in a conversation with your provider to know the nature of data that will be stored in clouds and also their service policies prior to signing on the dotted line. Managed cloud hosting has been designed to offer companies the same features and security of dedicated private clouds; the only difference being, that these are far more cost-effective. So, businesses which choose to sign up for managed services can give more attention to their business rather than dealing with downtime problems and technical glitches.


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