How is VPS Hosting Great Option for Start-ups

A start up should not always be underestimated. The web industry has seen small and new websites attracting huge traffic within mere 30 days of their launch. It has been often observed that start-ups prefer shared hosting for their newly launched websites, however, for the business that outgrows the expected rate of traffic, VPS hosting is an ideal solution. There are cases, when shared hosting is no more efficient according to the pace at which the business is growing. If your business demands more power and better features, VPS hosting is the best solution.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server is sold as a service by Internet hosting providers. It is rather a virtual machine that runs its own operating system. It is the best solution when there is significant increase in your traffic. This is best suitable for online stores or companies running multiple projects. At the same time VPS Hosting in India works best for websites that use Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Drupal.


Here are a few reasons why VPS hosting server is better than shared for Startup business:

Accessibility of Advanced Features

There may be too many benefits of shared hosting, however, the same may act as a hindrance to your growing business when it gets to a significant level. There are so many features that are inaccessible such as scaling abilities and advanced configurations. Not only the limitation of resource but also the safety becomes a concern for a fast moving business. Shared hosting brings along the risk of unsolicited elements from companion websites accommodated on the same server.

Whereas, a VPS hosting ensures safety along with whole range of accessible features. You have full right and control over the server. You have no dearth of VPS hosting in India with service providers assisting you manage your business with ease. The easy to configure servers are installed to meet your requirements and perform tasks as per your choice. You can even install any type of software with the help of these service providers.

Convenient & Fast Scaling

Another great benefit of VPS hosting is the easy and quick scaling of resources for the clients. There may be times when the configuration you selected at the time of installation of server falls short of expectations. Adding more power is not a problem with VPS hosting and neither adding the power would stop your work process at any point of time. In the lucky scenario, when you are enjoying your unexpected increase in your traffic, it shouldn’t get spoiled with mere server problem. This is when fast scaling with VPS hosting does a great job.

Most of the configuration challenges are overcome with right configuration of VPS hosting. Scaling of server configuration can be easily achieved to the levels you desire for your business with just a few click when needed.

Safe and Trustworthy Server Solution

Although VPS hosting arrangement offers you a portion of one huge server, however, it still operates in an independent arrangement. In no way, the performance of one client affects the ability to manage or control the part of the server owned by other client. In every way, VPS hosting is best to improve your online repute and the performance of your website. You can be rest assured of the highest security level. You also need not worry about the safety of your data.

It is highly essential to look for reliable and trustworthy VPS hosting server as a startup business. India has a number of service providers who bring dedicated servers. Clients can choose Linux VPS server that supports all types of configuration. However, it is important that you must consult an expert before you settle down for the VPS hosting service provider.


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