Which are the 7 Best SSD VPS Hosting in India?

SSD VPS hosting means Solid State Drives (SSDs) hosted in cloud VPS servers. In this article, the best SSD VPS hosting services in India will be listed so that you can narrow down the search and choose the best possible solution. However, before going into that, it is important to define what the terms SSD and VPS signify.

What is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which is the modern and faster version of the hard disk drive, traditionally used. In case of SSDs, flash memory chips are used instead of spinning discs, as utilised in traditional hard disk drives. These SSDs are able to run applications and transfer files at lightning speed, especially when even milliseconds matter.


What is VPS?

VPS means Virtual Private Server, where a parent machine server is divided into separate chambers or segregated child servers by using virtualisation processes. This is a better hosting model than the shared one because of the simple fact that every slice (or child virtual server) of the parent machine server can be configured with separate OSs or even software programs. You can also customise the environment as per specific needs of the customer. By choosing a cloud VPS hosting solution or SSD VPS hosting, you essentially choose best of both worlds – i.e. shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. You get to taste the additional oomph of the dedicated resources even while sharing the physical machine server with handful of other clients.

Now, let’s have a look at the best SSD VPS hosting services in India –


This is a great service provider, especially for the SMEs and start-ups. The service is user friendly and availability of multiple plans helps businesses to choose as per budget.


Go4hosting provides robust solid-state-drive infrastructure so that businesses of all size can get boosted up website having extremely fast loading speed and thereby improve user experience and ROI. Owners of high traffic websites should choose this best SSD VPS hosting solution for better performance.


Bluehost is a respected name in the SSD VPS hosting business. It offers businesses with great performance at affordable price, redundant SSD storage, 4GB to 16GB RAM, seamless migration facility, and many more.


An established name in the VPS SSD storage business, CloudOYE offers solid performance with guaranteed speed consistently. For enhanced needs, CloudOYE provides perfect flexibility by giving businesses with additional bandwidth and RAM.


This SSD VPS hosting provides its customers with 50 GB – 1.6 TB SSD disk space, excellent bandwidth (both incoming and outgoing), real time server monitoring facility round the clock, and many more at attractive prices.


DialWebHosting provides excellent hosting service to its customers and is also known as one of the best SSD VPS hosting services in India. Guaranteed high uptime, highly affordable prices, and use of advanced VPS server technology makes it a preferred choice.


A perfect solution of VPS SSD hosting is provided by GoDaddy to the SMEs. Great support and advanced technology usage are its highlights.

These are the 7 best SSD VPS hosting solutions in India.


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