Why the Cheap Dedicated Hosting is a Necessity for Your Business

You have a flourishing business and your present server say VPS is unable to cope up with the increasing traffic, it is time for you to upgrade to a more powerful server that maintains perfect functionality and offers high-speed connection. Increase in traffic is an indication of a successful business, however, it will also require you to reconsider your budget and other strategies. You must look for cheap dedicated hosting that not only gives you a sturdy platform but keeps it affordable.

What is a dedicated server:

Dedicated servers cost more but it will also be able to accommodate all your increasing business needs. It is also important for you to have the know-how to manage your account to avoid any risks of failures and loss. The concept of sharing the server with other businesses is not there on dedicated servers. You have the entire server only for your website/ websites.


The benefits and features of the server are exclusive to you which negates the high price making it cheap dedicated hosting. Your business is assured of resources, privacy, security, and you have total control over the server. The best hosting providers will not compromise on the quality of hardware and other services being offered.

VPS is not same as cheap dedicated hosting:

There has been a misconception that instead of paying the full price of a dedicated server, businesses could manage with the low-cost VPS hosting as offers similar features. This is not right. In VPS, the server is still shared and you get a portion of assured resources and not the complete resources which is one primary reason for VPS being cheaper. The privacy that your website gets in a dedicated machine is much higher.

Your host will sooner or later, ask you to upgrade to a dedicated server to avoid traffic spikes due to the increasing volume of visitors. Dedicated hosting is mandatory for the high-traffic websites that need more resources than what they get in VPS or shared hosting. It also gives you control over the powerful machine.

You have the power:

Cheap dedicated hosting allows you to configure and customize the server. You can choose the hardware and install any applications you need. Use the server for any business that you are comfortable in. Use it for your websites, as a dedicated email server or database hosting, video streaming, or as a backup machine. You have your host offering around the clock technical support in case you need any assistance.

Dedicated servers give you root access. If you are using a Linux server, you can access it via the SSH and if you are a Windows user, you get access via the remote desktop.

Your servers are built and housed in n+1 redundant data centers where you can enjoy continuous power and other infrastructure facilities at no additional cost. Thus, with cheap dedicated hosting, you have assured uptime of more than 99.95% and high-speed connectivity with the least latency. The machines are built strong and come with inbuilt anti-malware solutions and robust firewalls.


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