Why Businesses Choose Dedicated Server Plans?

Dedicated server plans are not for everyone. These plans offer servers that are exclusively leased out by clients for their use alone. So, in dedicated hosting, there is no sharing of resources amongst multiple clients housed on the same server. Here, a single server and its resources are made available for a single client only. This is also why dedicated server plans are much costlier than other hosting options like shared hosting or VPS hosting.


How can you benefit from dedicated server plans?

  • One of the first and most important benefits of choosing dedicated server plans will have to be reliability. When you have dedicated resources, you do not have to worry about your website slowing down at any time for lack of resources. This is a common occurrence in shared hosting environments where some clients tend to over-use the server resources thus causing their neighbors to slow down.

  • Another obvious benefit that stems from reliability is the constant support you can expect to get from your web host. Dedicated hosting providers will offer 24×7 supports for their plans through chats, phone calls or emails. This ensures that not only are resources available at all times, technical problems too can get resolved because of round-the-clock supports. A guaranteed uptime and round-the-clock support are absolutely indispensable for ecommerce sites.

  • Dedicated server plans are ideally suited for online retailers because these will give you unique IP addresses. When you sign up for a shared hosting plan, you may need t share the IP address with others. This means that malicious or harmful activities which are carried out in neighboring sites can jeopardize your site reputation and lower your site rankings in the process. However, with dedicated hosting, this problem is resolved. You can get exclusive resources for your business; your site will not be affected by what happens in neighboring sites. You have a distinct IP address which is a pre-condition for a private SSL certificate. Without this certification, conducting online financial transactions may be difficult.

  • Dedicated server plans are also highly scalable and flexible. This is very useful for businesses because it lets them requisition for more resources when the need arises. You can get more bandwidth or memory or processing power as and when you need these. You can also set up applications or software which you are confident would boost your sales.

  • Finally, last but not the least, dedicated server plans are very secure. These are deployed by hosting providers with the most robust security arrangements in place. So, you can benefit from data encryption methods, card key entries, CCTV monitoring, secure data center facilities, firewalls and anti-virus detection systems.

Given all these advantages, it is no surprise why businesses put their trust in dedicated hosting. Dedicated server plans are especially useful for websites which receive huge volumes of traffic and which engage in financial transactions online. To get quality dedicated hosting solutions, it is wise to sign up with providers which let you try out their services free of cost for a time period.


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