How the Cheap Linux VPS Server Can Be Useful for a Small Business

You must have been deliberating on the most affordable yet robust hosting platform for your small business. You need better features than that is provided in shared hosting. Consider the cheap Linux VPS server. It is not only the least expensive after shared hosting and matches the features of a dedicated server without the high costs.

What is Linux VPS server:

Linux is an open-source operating system that is generally used as an option along with Windows. Linux is based on the scripting languages of PHP, Python, Perl etc. and uses the MySQL database for storage. It is more affordable than Windows since there is no license to be purchased. Windows servers are Microsoft owned and commercially sold at a fee which makes the plan costs higher.


VPS (virtual private server) is created by partitioning a physical server into smaller virtual servers. Each VPS runs its own copy of operating system and allocated dedicated resources. They are housed separately in individual containers.

Isolated environment:

The VPS server ensures better privacy than shared hosting as they are all isolated from each other. Each account is assigned a dedicated IP which adds to the privacy of the users. Risks of being banned due to someone else’s fault, as it happens in shared server hosting, is not there in VPS.

Who can use the cheap Linux VPS server?

Linux VPS servers will work fine for

A growing business that is still having unpredictable traffic. They do not require the dedicated server but need more than the shared hosting offerings.

Website designers and developers can use the virtual machines to test their codes or offer web hosting as an add-on service to their clients.

A business that is not much bothered about the other resources but needs the maximum privacy to house their mission-critical applications.

Complete control:

Cheap Linux VPS server gives you root access. You can configure and customize the server the way you want. You can install any software that your business demands so long as they follow your host’s terms and conditions. You must have the technical competence to manage and maintain the applications you install. Your host takes responsibility for the in-built applications.

More reliable than shared hosting:

VPS hosting is more reliable than shared hosting. This is because in VPS each account gets dedicated resources. Even if a user draws more resources, it will not disturb your business in any manner. In shared hosting, chances of the server crashing are high and can result in your site becoming unavailable. The cheap Linux VPS server ensures utmost stability that you can reboot the server any number of times and it will not create any hindrance to your neighbors sharing the server.

Become a reseller:

Cheap Linux VPS server hosting will be the ideal and most affordable way to start your own web hosting business. You can partner with a web hosting company and buy their reseller plans. You can gain experience without any investment in the expensive infrastructure and still earn some income.


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