How the Best Dedicated Server Provider Can Enhance Performance of Your Website

Your business has grown popular and you need more space, bandwidth, memory etc. to accommodate and respond to all your visitors. You must move to the dedicated server as it will give the entire server for yourself. Unlike in your present hosting platform, in the dedicated machine, you will not be sharing the resources with anybody. It is important to pick the best dedicated server provider. How will you know which provider services are best for your business?


What you need:

While quality products and services must have been the primary reason for your business popularity, there are other factors that must also have influenced the growth. Unless your site is available, how will a visitor know what you are promoting? The best dedicated server provider will guarantee of uptime, speed, and security. Why these are important are discussed briefly below:

  • One of it is business availability. Your visitors come from different geographical regions. It is important your website is available and accessible at any given time. When a visitor clicks on your site and finds an error message, they have other options. They move on to your competitor. 
  • Similarly, speed is another requirement. Your website must respond instantly or you lose a prospect. Remember, the visitor has plenty of options. Your loss will be your competitor’s gain. 
  • Security to data is a cause of concern to every business. If your website is hacked, it will mean all your information is at risk of being exposed. Clients will never come back to your site.


Being technically competent, several businesses do the mistake of ignoring the necessity of support services from the providers. Technical support is required since you never can predict in advance when you may need their assistance. The server can slow down or you may want to change some configurations. Waiting till they open can delay and create performance issues. The best dedicated server provider will offer 24/7 support throughout the year.

Control will be with you:

With a dedicated server, you get root access. You have the liberty to customize and configure the server, install any software, choose the hardware, host any number of websites etc. This requires you to have the technical expertise to manage the server. The host is responsible only for uptime, security, and maintaining the infrastructure that comes inbuilt with the server. This is called unmanaged dedicated hosting. You will administer, manage and maintain the server operations, OS upgrades, software installation, updates, security patches etc.

In contrast, there is the managed hosting, where the hosting company takes responsibility for the server administration and maintenance. Unmanaged hosting is lower in cost than the managed services.

High reliability in performance:

Dedicated servers are known for its performance and ability to manage high traffic. The best dedicated server provider builds and maintains your servers in resilient data centers and guarantees of more than 99.95% network uptime and speed with the lowest latency. This type of servers can assure you of high productivity giving your business an edge over the competition.

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