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Assured Economy and Scalability of Cheap Cloud Storage Hosting Solutions

Cloud computing was originally perceived to benefit individuals rather than businesses. In a radical shift to the initial objectives of cloud technology, we can witness a large scale adoption of cheap cloud storage solutions by businesses of all sizes from all categories.

Cost efficiency of cloud storage

Among all important advantages of cloud storage solutions, economy is the most commonly cited reason for adoption of cloud services for storage of business critical information. Cloud storage is a very economical option among other storage resources since the total expenses related to infrastructure as well as support services are distributed among hundreds of users.

cloud storage

Thanks to enterprise cloud server hosting solutions, your organization will be able to obviate purchase, installation, and maintenance of cost intensive hardware equipment at your on-site IT infrastructure for catering to your data storage and data processing requirements.

Cheap cloud storage adoption for moving storage associated workloads from on-premise environment translates into huge cost savings in terms of employee related expenditure for operating on-site storage infrastructure. The sum total of capex and employee expenditure

Easy and simple

Cloud storage is easy to manage, operate, and access from any place and at anytime. Moreover, you do not have to arrange for complex equipment including server or networking hardware for managing cloud storage. Only a computer with internet connection or even a smart-phone is enough to support your data storage requirements in a cloud environment.

Greater security

Although, cheap cloud storage has been considered to be vulnerable to unauthorized intrusion, it is more a myth than reality. Modern cloud providers leave no stones unturned in protecting your mission critical data by employing sophisticated encryption and other measures.

In addition to this, cloud storage solutions are devoid of any single point of failure for assured integrity of your website’s digital assets. This is mainly due t the fact that a cloud system is backed by a large underlying network of cloud servers unlike a traditional hosting environment that provides facility of a single server and hence suffers from single point of failure.

In a cloud ecosystem, even if a single server experiences a crash, then the entire gamut of digital information remains secured at other locations. Thanks to redundancy of server locations maintained by cloud service providers, you enterprise’s critical and sensitive data is immune to any type of loss due to server malfunction.

Your cheap cloud storage provider will look after management of your storage in terms of its security and processing requirements.

Thoroughly accessible storage

One of the most sought benefits of cheap cloud storage apart from its economy, is the excellent mobility provided due to seamless accessibility of cloud based storage solutions. In fact majority of enterprises have reported handsome growth in revenues due to increased employee efficiency due to mobility of cloud storage solutions.

Cloud storage is designed to cater to accessibility needs of modern employees who are always on the move and seek easy access to data irrespective of time or location.

What’s more, cloud storage solutions help enterprises scale their storage capabilities with few mouse clicks. Cloud storage also allows consumption based billing similar to utility billing options for greater convenience and economy.

Is it Possible to Get a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Finding a cheap dedicated server is not difficult if you know what to look for in a hosting plan. In dedicated hosting, you can rent an entire server. So, all resources belonging to the server will be accessible by you alone. It is therefore not surprising why dedicated hosting plans are priced steeply. However, it is indeed possible to get affordable dedicated hosting packages which are effective too. You can even get a cheap dedicated server $30 worth when you use some important criteria to determine whether the hosting provider is reliable or not.


How can you find a cheap dedicated server?

  • It is possible to buy a cheap dedicated server when you choose to run Linux as your operating system. Linux plans are typically cheaper compared to Windows hosting plans. This is because Linux is open-source and there is no fee for licensing. However, if your site runs applications which need .Net technologies, you may have to settle for Windows servers because such applications will work in a Windows-only environment. Sites using Perl and PHP can however benefit from the cheap Linux hosting plans.
  • When you are looking for cheap dedicated server hosting, you need to check whether the provider can offer you the amount of RAM and CPU you need. The more power-hungry applications you use, the greater will be your need for power and memory. When you have a busy website which runs multiple .Net-powered forums, you will need more RAM and CPU. A static brochure website, on the other hand, will not need as much power.
  • It might be easy to find a provider that can offer you cheap dedicated server hosting, but you need to be sure that it can give you additional bandwidth when you need it. For instance, graphic-intensive sites will require higher bandwidth. You will need to sign up with a hosting provider which has high-speed pipelines to guarantee higher bandwidth delivery.
  • You may also be able to get yourself a cheap dedicated server when you sign up for unmanaged hosting solutions. In unmanaged dedicated hosting, the responsibilities of monitoring servers rest with you and not the host. This is a good option when you have a capable and experienced staff to support you. But, when you lack a capable staff, it is better to choose managed hosting. Managed hosting plans may be costlier but the host remains responsible wholly for server management. It will also take care of troubleshooting of server problems. When you manage a server independently, you can enjoy far more control over the resources. So, if you have security threats and want to mitigate such risks, you can use the resources at your disposal without waiting for your host’s approval. You may decide which information needs to be shared; you can also protect data better from hackers and virus attacks.
  • While finding a cheap dedicated server is definitely an achievement, you must be wary of vendors which charge you hidden fees. You may get affordable hosting solutions from many vendors, but some may charge you fees upfront. Some providers may demand fees for installation and migration, while others may charge you for upgrades and updates. So, it is advisable to compare the packages and review the SLAs well before signing up.

Why Cheap VPS Hosting Suits Businesses of Every Size

Cheap VPS hosting will be an ideal, affordable and reliable hosting platform for your websites if you need privacy and control over the server. You may choose the dedicated server but your budget will go off-track as it is far more expensive than VPS.  Shared hosting is more affordable and almost everyone start their online business with it. However, after some extent, when the traffic to your website starts increasing, you will find it very restrictive in resources and experience server slowing down or crashing frequently.


What is VPS:

VPS imitates the dedicated server in its features but in a shared environment. You get dedicated resources, are in control over your server, have the privacy and seclusion though at a lower range than the dedicated server. Since you will be sharing your server with others the expenses are also split among the users which is why VPS becomes more affordable. Unless you need the entire space that dedicated server offers, you should choose the cheap VPS hosting for your site. VPS is created by partitioning a physical server into smaller virtual servers. Each virtual server comes with its copy of operating system and gets dedicated resources.

The benefits you get with cheap VPS hosting include:

Control: You get root access to the server which allows you to configure it in any way that suits your business. You may install any software applications that your business may require that are not offered by your host.

Reliable: You will not be disturbing the other businesses even if you draw more resources to meet any sudden increase in traffic to your site. Similarly, your websites continue to perform at the usual pace even if a neighbor overdraws their share.

Continuity: Your business will get your resources from the other active servers even if your server is down with some issue.

Privacy:  Unlike in shared hosting, your business is housed in individual containers. You also are given a dedicated IP address which keeps you separate from the other accounts. No outsider can get access to your container giving you complete privacy and isolation.

Security: Chances of your business being affected due to a compromised account are very low. This is a vast improvement over the shared hosting where if one account is down with an attack, it will spread across all the accounts.

Your cheap VPS hosting account is placed in highly resilient data centers where you are assured of 99.95% network uptime and high-speed connections. You get to enjoy all the infrastructure and latest technologies at the data center at no additional expense.

Cheap VPS hosting plans are offered in Linux and Windows servers. Linux is more affordable than the Windows servers. Both are robust servers and have capabilities to manage high pressures.

Taking the benefits of virtual technology, a step further is the cheap cloud VPS hosting. You can scale your resources on demand with just a few clicks. Cloud VPS assures you of 100% uptime as it runs on a cluster of servers that do not depend on any centralized software but run independently.

Top Attributes of How Cheap Cloud Server Hosting in India Benefits Your Organization

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service based on the virtual technology offered across a network of interlinked servers. The fundamental difference between the cloud hosting and the traditional hosting is that the consumers draw the cloud services over the internet. Cheap cloud server hosting in India is an ideal and affordable hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. Cloud hosting is offered in three models.

cloud-server-hosting1.  Public cloud: It is the most popular form of cloud hosting. It can either be free or billed as per usage. The service provider offers resources and services to the public over the internet. The consumers subscribe to the service they require and are billed on an hourly or monthly basis. It is an ideal form for individuals and small businesses.

2.  Private cloud: Works in the same way as public cloud with the difference that here the services are offered to only one entity. It ensures a more private and secured environment. It is generally preferred by the large business houses that have high traffic.

3.  Hybrid cloud: Combines the features of both public and private cloud. Here the users can host their non-sensitive data on the public cloud and use the private cloud for their mission- critical applications.

Highly cost-effective:

Users pay for the services they consume on the pay-as-you-use billing model. So, they do not waste their money by buying resources on plan basis and leave them unutilized. Another major benefit of the cheap cloud server hosting in India is that the service provider offers all the resources over the internet. The users do not have to pay for any hardware and software infrastructure or any licenses or for their maintenance.

Minimum downtime:

Cheap cloud server hosting in India offers high availability. In case you are on a dedicated server and it goes down due to an issue, it requires physical human effort which may require at least an hour or two to replace the server, which means your website is down till then. Cloud technology has automated features by which any issue is detected and resources are diverted from the other active servers to make sure your website gets its resources continuously.

Access from anywhere:

Cloud gives you access to your data and applications over the internet. This means you can access your applications from anywhere so long as you have a device that is having an internet connection. You do not have to go back to your business premises to access your data saving you both money and time. This feature of cheap cloud server hosting in India makes it possible for a business to continue to run seamlessly like for example, your employees are working on a project from different locations. Each of them can do their work, update their report without having to report back to the office to give their feedback.


One of the significant benefits of the cheap cloud server hosting in India is that it allows a business to scale their resources as per traffic demands. You can add or reduce your server capacity with just a few clicks on demand.

What Database Hosting Is All About

Many hosting solutions providers offer database hosting services too. In this service, they provide a managed server that has been optimized to run a relational database. This type of service is mostly utilized by clients who use applications for running data or database-intensive applications like ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRMs (Customer Relation Management). These programs need more memory and clients go for database hosting to enhance their reliability.

The server in Database Hosting is unique in that it has the ability to store tons of information. It stores this information in tables, in the form of columns and rows. This optimizes the search facility and the user is able to find what they are looking for in just some minutes. In terms of appearance, it looks quite similar to Lotus 123 or MS Excel.

database-hosting-for-managed-hostingHardware and software

Extremely specific hardware and software are required in this type of hosting since they have to support the database correctly. The database host has to ensure optimal performance and resiliency and so they take care to configure file layout, volumes, etc. properly.

A running database cannot be backed up by the regular procedures that most providers offer. In Database Hosting, the provider has a special process that ensures the perfect, recoverable backup of a running database. Any intrepid provider, such as Go4hosting, will plan a specific backup procedure based on your unique business requirements.

Some kinds of databases are Embedded database, Document-oriented database, Graph database, Hypertext database, Operational database, Flat-file database, Distributed database, etc.

There are three kinds of Database Management Systems (DBMSs):
1.  Object-oriented DBMS
2.  Relational aka network DBMS
3.  Hierarchical DBMS

There are lots of software programs that are used for DBMSs, such as Maria DB, Oracle, SAP HANA, FoxPro, Sybase, Ingres, Simple DB, etc. However, the most commonly used MS SQL and MySQL.

The main advantage of Database Hosting is – as mentioned, a lot of information can be stored in it and that information can be retrieved from the RAM in seconds. This speed increases the application’s performance as well.

The downside

A downside of this type of a hosting solution is that it is quite similar to having a dedicated server in terms of maintenance and administration. It would require lots of technical skills for successful management. If you feel you do not have such skills in-house or don’t want to manage the associated hassles, you should go for a managed Database Hosting service where the provider will handle most or all the administrative tasks on your behalf.

A factor that plays an important role in going for this type of hosting is if you really require it. It is not for every business. For example, if you are in a small online business with certain ecommerce features and shopping carts, this hosting solution is definitely not a good choice for you since you would be able to manage pretty well with any hosting plan that would allow you access to several databases instead of an entire server.

All About Linux VPS Hosting

When most businesses start, they have plenty of important expenses they need to meet. It is then that they go for shared hosting for their sites since that is the cheapest option out there. Once the business outgrows shared hosting, the logical next leap is VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting. It is the ideal middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting gives all the benefits of a dedicated server but at a fraction of its cost. What happens is that the web host divides or configures the server into various private servers or accounts. Each of these accounts has an allocated share of the server’s resources and can tack on additional resources when required.


A VPS account offers the user complete root access and the ability to configure the server just like an actual server. Many entrepreneurs prefer to use Linux as the operating system or platform for their business. This is because of the many benefits that Linux offers, such as mutability, affordability, and security.

So what exactly is it that Linux VPS Hosting offers to businesses:

  • The server resources are guaranteed to the user. Unlike in the cases of reseller hosting or shared hosting, this type of hosting ensures that your account stays unaffected by other users of the same server.

  • Linux runs seamlessly for the end-users. Since it has a community based support, it keeps updating continuously and there is constant improvement and hole-patching happening within the system.

  • It is a free, open source platform. And that is a major reason why linux vps hosting services, such as Go4hosting, are so affordable for the clients.

  • A vast range of applications such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. can easily run on Linux. Thus, not only does the end user not have to pay the initial licensing costs, they can use all the open source apps with it. So, this is a cost-effective option in the long run too.
  • Linux offers versatility. This makes a very appealing option for both small and big businesses. It is also scalable, which means that the end user can conserve disk space by just retaining the programs that they need and remove the others.

  • Stability is another benefit that Linux servers offer. They can handle huge volumes of applications and offer great uptime. Scripting languages and databases, such as PERL Script, MySQL, etc., that are used to boost accessibility and speed are fully supported by Linux.

  • Linux servers are secure servers. While it is too that no server can remain 100% protected from malicious attacks, most Linux users say that these servers are amply safe and secure.

The user gets a control panel they can interact with and can control all the aspects of server management, including changing server configuration. Basically, they get all the features that a dedicated hosting service would give them, albeit at a much lower cost. So, this is a superb option for users that are still moving towards managing their own server and want an upgrade from shared hosting.

VPS hosting Services – Offer Cost Effective & Reliable Business Solutions

VPS Hosting services make use of virtualization technology to offer you more privacy, control and security as compared to shared hosting.

This is the reason why companies that start off with cheap shared hosting plans upgrade to VPS Hosting Services.

“A situation arises when we need more power for our websites along with freedom to customize configurations and software”, says an owner of a small and medium enterprise.


“VPS has proved to be the right solution for us because it divides resources between several servers delivering cost advantages of a shared server, while offering perks of a dedicated server”.

Most enterprises are satisfied with the VPS Servers in India because they are capable of delivering compute capacity on demand, with strong security modules and round the clock bespoke Technical Assistance.

This is good news indeed as a growing number of SMBs are keen to reinforce their online presence, and increasing smartphone penetration is further fueling the hosting market.

As per an estimate, the hosting segment in India is on track to grow at a CAGR of a little over 20 % till 2019 at least.

Three factors are driving the hosting business.

  1. Vigorous IT adoption by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  2. Government initiatives to make IT popular. An example is UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India).
  3. Ubiquity of smartphones.


But for enterprises, it is not an easy task to choose the right web hosting company.

“Recognizing your hosting needs is your first step”, says an IT specialist. “Creating a fully functional and quick loading website must be your main objective”.

Experts recommend that entrepreneurs must answer the following questions before they zero-in to a web hosting plan.

  • How much traffic are you expecting on your business website?
  • What are the features of the website you are planning to build?
  • Are you choosing Linux or do you need Windows based applications?

Here are a few other things entrepreneurs must keep in mind.


All web hosting companies face downtimes. Therefore it is unrealistic to expect 100 percent uptime. Nevertheless, the hosting service must have a track record of delivering 99.99 % downtime, which is a industry standard.

24 x 7 Support

Many web hosts promise round the clock technical support, but more often than not, fail on their promise. Choose a hosting company that has a good record of providing bespoke technical assistance whenever the client wants.

Refund Policy

It is a good policy to choose a web hosting vendor that offers a trial period to test their service. If you are not satisfied with the service, the vendor must allow you to cancel the account and get the refund.

It is a fact that, most of the businesses eventually decide on VPS hosting services, because it is the best bet to get optimum performance, scalability, and a high level of security.

There are several hosting service providers in India that provide high quality VPS hosting solutions to companies across different verticals.

With well-equipped data centers and reliable server connections clients are able to elevate their businesses to new levels.

For more information of various types of hosting services, call 1-800-212-2022 (Toll Free)