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What to Look for in Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheap WordPress hosting is what every business looks for unless they are using some other CMS platform. Cheap, here, refers to the total price you pay and the benefits you reap out of it. It is not in terms of the quality of services being provided.

WordPress is the most prevalent and the best content management systems available today. Though it initially started as a blogging platform it has grown in popularity and despite many new technologies developing, continues to be the most widely-used software for blogs and websites.



WordPress is open source and available freely. Most of the themes and plugins are available free for you to start with. If you are a startup or small business you could find the shared services as the ideal cheap WordPress hosting platform. There are many premium plugins available too which comes at a cost. It is important to have a flexible budget as the software does require a good volume of bandwidth.

Do not contemplate free hosting services:

However small your business may be, you must not consider the free hosting offers. These providers earn their revenue through classifieds and your site could be filled up with banner ads and either way, they may start charging you once you exceed a limit of resources. You may also not find the support you require.

Choose a reliable provider:

One of the significant requirements for your website is of having a reliable web host. After you have purchased your domain name, you must start your hunt for a cheap WordPress hosting service. There are numerous providers but their services may vary in several ways. Some may not have the services you require while some could be high in the costs.

There are several features that are mandatory from any web hosting provider. You must make sure your cheap WordPress hosting provider offers

  1. Uptime: It is the most important requirement. You cannot be visible to your customers if your server is down. Make sure your host commits to at least 99.95% network uptime and lowest latency.

  2. Easy migrations: You may have started with shared hosting but you will need to upgrade to VPS or dedicated server as the traffic to your site increases.

  3. Customer support: Another critical requirement is support. You must check and select a host that works 24/7. You never know when you may require their assistance.

  4. Price: Price, of course, is important. You cannot invest more than what you have budgeted for and you cannot sacrifice on any service just because it is expensive. The best providers do not charge you for installation, offer, one-click installers, SSLs, SSDs and more that would effectively enhance the performance of your site.

Data security:

Security to your data is another important aspect you must look at. The cheap WordPress hosting providers will host your servers in redundant data centers. They offer data backups, robust firewalls, malware scans, D-Dos protection. The providers offer software updates, security patches etc. In addition, the software has a vast community of developers working and updating the CMS.


Why the Cheap Dedicated Hosting is a Necessity for Your Business

You have a flourishing business and your present server say VPS is unable to cope up with the increasing traffic, it is time for you to upgrade to a more powerful server that maintains perfect functionality and offers high-speed connection. Increase in traffic is an indication of a successful business, however, it will also require you to reconsider your budget and other strategies. You must look for cheap dedicated hosting that not only gives you a sturdy platform but keeps it affordable.

What is a dedicated server:

Dedicated servers cost more but it will also be able to accommodate all your increasing business needs. It is also important for you to have the know-how to manage your account to avoid any risks of failures and loss. The concept of sharing the server with other businesses is not there on dedicated servers. You have the entire server only for your website/ websites.


The benefits and features of the server are exclusive to you which negates the high price making it cheap dedicated hosting. Your business is assured of resources, privacy, security, and you have total control over the server. The best hosting providers will not compromise on the quality of hardware and other services being offered.

VPS is not same as cheap dedicated hosting:

There has been a misconception that instead of paying the full price of a dedicated server, businesses could manage with the low-cost VPS hosting as offers similar features. This is not right. In VPS, the server is still shared and you get a portion of assured resources and not the complete resources which is one primary reason for VPS being cheaper. The privacy that your website gets in a dedicated machine is much higher.

Your host will sooner or later, ask you to upgrade to a dedicated server to avoid traffic spikes due to the increasing volume of visitors. Dedicated hosting is mandatory for the high-traffic websites that need more resources than what they get in VPS or shared hosting. It also gives you control over the powerful machine.

You have the power:

Cheap dedicated hosting allows you to configure and customize the server. You can choose the hardware and install any applications you need. Use the server for any business that you are comfortable in. Use it for your websites, as a dedicated email server or database hosting, video streaming, or as a backup machine. You have your host offering around the clock technical support in case you need any assistance.

Dedicated servers give you root access. If you are using a Linux server, you can access it via the SSH and if you are a Windows user, you get access via the remote desktop.

Your servers are built and housed in n+1 redundant data centers where you can enjoy continuous power and other infrastructure facilities at no additional cost. Thus, with cheap dedicated hosting, you have assured uptime of more than 99.95% and high-speed connectivity with the least latency. The machines are built strong and come with inbuilt anti-malware solutions and robust firewalls.

Reasons Why Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Works Perfectly for Small Businesses

Cheap Linux VPS hosting plans are an ideal option for your business when you require more resources than what you get in your current shared hosting. The latter form of hosting is a perfect way to start your online business and is the least expensive hosting platform. But as your business grows and traffic increases your website performance will be hampered by the limited resources. You must move to a higher platform which fits into your budget with ease.

VPS hosting continues to house your website in a shared environment. Its superiority over shared hosting starts from here. You get dedicated resources, a secure, private environment, are in control over your server space and have greater security to your data.

Linux is a viable option:

Linux is an open source and free operating system software that basically runs on the open scripts of PHP, Perl, and MySQL technologies. You should prefer the cheap Linux VPS hosting packages unless your website is constructed on the Windows technologies using ASP.NET and MSSQL.


How a VPS operates:

VPS is a virtual server hosted on a dedicated server and runs its own operating system. If you have chosen cheap Linux VPS hosting service for your business, your site will be sharing the server with other websites running on the Linux operating system. However, each of you is allotted independent dedicated resources that ensures better business reliability than in shared hosting.

Attributes of the cheap Linux VPS hosting:

Complete control:

You get root access to your server that enables you to customize and configure it in any manner suitable to your business. You can install any software that your business requires so long as they comply with the terms and conditions laid down by your host. You must have some technical skills to manage and maintain the software you have installed. Your host will only manage the software that is inbuilt in your VPS.


Contrary to shared hosting, your VPS servers are housed in independent containers. You are allocated dedicated resources which means that you do not have to compete for resources and are not disturbed even if a neighbor draws more resources. You can reboot the server without disturbing the performance of other businesses.

Secure and private:

Your website is placed in a separate container. Nobody except the persons authorized by you gets access to your area. You are allocated a dedicated IP address for each website that you host in your space. Your servers are housed in highly secure data centers where you can avail all the infrastructure facilities and are assured of more than 99.95% network uptime. They come with inbuilt firewalls and anti-malware solutions to prevent any infiltrations

In case you do not want to give the server responsibilities on your in-house technical team, you must consider hosting with a provider that offers managed services.

Technical support:

Your cheap Linux VPS hosting provider extends technical support to assist you in case you require any assistance or face server issues. Choose a provider that offers 24/7 support.

What Benefits will you get with the Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting?

To find the best dedicated game server hosting, you will need to identify the dedicated web hosting providers which can offer you special multiprocessor computers. Gaming servers, as the name suggests, are needed for hosting games. When people engage in a Massive Multiplayer Online or MMO game, they have to connect to what is called a game server. But, not all game servers are good enough for hosting multiplayer online games. There are times when you will need a high degree of customizability and control when it comes to using a game server. This is why you will need to find the best dedicated game server hosting solutions.


How is the best dedicated game server hosting important?

The best dedicated game server hosting refers to servers or groups of servers which have just the perfect amount of resources and hardware in order to run the game smoothly. There are games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft are properties of the gaming company and therefore people cannot be charged by a site for playing this game. But, when you own a private server, you are free to ruin another version of this game which is different from the original version. Here, it is possible to charge the users playing the game and add game-play restrictions. Alternately, you may even install a server to play these games with friends. However, when you need many people to pay an online game with you, it is important to get a LAN or own a dedicated server. So, the best dedicated game server hosting plans will let you play online games with your friends, regardless of their locations, as long as they are connected to the Internet and have a computer.

When you rent out servers for this purpose, it works out better as you are not responsible for troubleshooting technical problems. At the same time, there may be issues when the host overlooks software updates and the users begin to experience lag problems during the game. So, when you choose dedicated game hosting, you can be rest assured that there will be monitoring of these servers round-the-clock. This will ensure uninterrupted services and these will run with a high-speed web connection. Moreover, players are also free to sign in whenever they wish to because these dedicated game servers are always functional.

When you choose the best dedicated game server hosting you can also be rest assured that resources like the RAM or CPU or disk space will not have to be shared with any other sites. Since it is a dedicated server, you enjoy total control over the server settings. You have privacy and root access to the server, allowing you to configure its settings to suit your interests.

Finally, with dedicated game servers, you will not need to worry about downtimes and lags. This is because these servers have a high network uptime and this means that they will always be up and running. You will not need to be concerned about your game stopping midway because of faulty bandwidth or low uptime.

cPanel VPS Hosting Service – Providing Best Hosting Service With Web Hosting Control Panel

Virtual Private Server Hosting Service with cPanel control panels is very popular among users presently because of its performance, convenience and economy. cPanel VPS hosting service is becoming more and more in demand among business class users due to its user friendly functionalities.

VPS hosting service-

Virtual Private Server hosting is at par in performance with a dedicated server for it provides a dedicated part of a commercial server hard drive, CPU resources and memory to its clients. The efficiency and functionality parameters of VPS hosting service match with both dedicated and shared servers. The managed VPS server hosting service carries complete responsibilities of server management, leaving its clients free to attend to their business activities without bothering about their hosting issues. Managed VPS hosting service also relieves its clients of spending unnecessary money on technical manpower to take care of their server management activities.


VPS server allows its clients to customize their servers as per their business requirements. The clients can opt for their choicest operating systems configurations with software applications in their VPS hosting service. VPS hosting provides features and functionalities of a physical server to its clients. It provides complete control to the clients to install or reinstall operating systems of their choice with capacity to boot or reboot the allocated server at will, independently.

The efficiency, performance, features and functionalities of a VPS hosting are equal to a dedicated server minus the expenses of a dedicated server. The clients need to pay for the features and services they avail to their VPS hosting service provider companies instead of paying a prefixed monthly or annual amount as rent.

cPanel Control Panel-

cPanel is the latest and ultimate in web hosting control panels. cPanel is presently most popular web hosting control panel among users because of its easy to operate, user friendly, graphic user interface. cPanel is an online web hosting control panel which is Linux based, providing excellent automation tools to its users. These automation tools in cPanel are designed to make the process of web site hosting simple.

More and more numbers of hosting service provider companies now prefer to provide cPanel to their website owner clients because cPanel is a web based hosting control panel. It allows the web owners to manage their websites from a web based interface of cPanel. cPanel provides a graphical interface to its clients enabling them to control their part of UNIX server.

cPanel VPS hosting service

Most of the VPS hosting services providing companies are providing cPanel as a web based control panel to their web owner clients for their convenience. Managed VPS hosting service with cPanel offers a package of facilities and services to their clients no other package can offer. This combination of cPanel with VPS hosting service also proves to be very cost effective as it offers efficiency with economy to its clients. These hosting service providers offer comprehensive hosting services, from server deployment to constant monitoring of the server.

Cheap cPanel VPS hosting

There are many cPanel VPS hosting service provider companies which are offering comparatively affordable web hosting service with cPanel to their clients. They offer unbelievably cheap hosting service plans amounting to a very low sum of money for their business personnel clients who wish to have superior performance for an economical price. These cPanel VPS hosting services are ideal for business start ups and businesses with limited budgets.

Rack Space Colocation – Everything You Wanted to Know!

Rack space colocation is a specialised data center having state of the art facilities that offers space on rent for the business entities to house their servers. It is essentially outsourcing of server from in-house arrangement to a rack space colocation center.

What is “server rack”?

The space provided by a rack server colocation service is called “rack” (denoted by “U”) and is measured as 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U height, and so on. The most common height of the server rack (where servers are kept) is 42U. Each rack unit is equal to 1.752 inches or 44.50 mm. Generally equipment comes in 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U rack units.

What are the benefits?

When a business opts for this kind of facility then it frees up its own office space, which can then be utilised for core business purposes. Colocation is better than many dedicated server facility because they provide dedicated hosting kind of facility but at a highly discounted price. It is similar to dedicated servers because the server hardware equipment along with network equipment facility are owned by the particular business. Generally, rack space colocation facility is believed to be the best hosting solution for the small sized and medium sized businesses. However, it has now been seen that many large companies are also opting for colocation data centers.


Which facilities do you get in rack space colocation facility?

While making a choice of the colocation data center you must urge to take a tour so that you can check the rack spaces, available security arrangements, internet facility, back-up facilities, power arrangements, cooling system, and many more. With this facility, the businesses get dedicated server hosting kind of environment but at a far lesser price. When you choose a colcoation service, you not only buy rack space but also many other additional features that help you run your server continuously without any disruption. Some of these features include premium bandwidth, N+1 redundancy, high-end technical support, and many more.

Checking out Rack Space Colocation Facility Features

There are many features that come with colcoation. They are listed below –

  • Bandwidth cost
  • Outage protection in a better manner
  • Machine upgrade facility
  • Software upgrade facility
  • Added security level
  • Managed services
  • Is colocation the only option for a business?

This is a bit odd question to answer. Choice of a business essentially depends upon the personalised business needs. If you have a small business with not so large web traffic or you are just starting up, colocation might not be the ideal answer for you. In such a case, shared web hosting will do. In case, you have a growing business or even a medium sized business with large web traffic and data protection need, then rack space colocation can be the ideal solution. In fact, many large companies also going for colocation service because it not only providing them with more control on server and data but also providing them with the same at far lesser price than that of dedicated servers.

Which are the 7 Best SSD VPS Hosting in India?

SSD VPS hosting means Solid State Drives (SSDs) hosted in cloud VPS servers. In this article, the best SSD VPS hosting services in India will be listed so that you can narrow down the search and choose the best possible solution. However, before going into that, it is important to define what the terms SSD and VPS signify.

What is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which is the modern and faster version of the hard disk drive, traditionally used. In case of SSDs, flash memory chips are used instead of spinning discs, as utilised in traditional hard disk drives. These SSDs are able to run applications and transfer files at lightning speed, especially when even milliseconds matter.


What is VPS?

VPS means Virtual Private Server, where a parent machine server is divided into separate chambers or segregated child servers by using virtualisation processes. This is a better hosting model than the shared one because of the simple fact that every slice (or child virtual server) of the parent machine server can be configured with separate OSs or even software programs. You can also customise the environment as per specific needs of the customer. By choosing a cloud VPS hosting solution or SSD VPS hosting, you essentially choose best of both worlds – i.e. shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. You get to taste the additional oomph of the dedicated resources even while sharing the physical machine server with handful of other clients.

Now, let’s have a look at the best SSD VPS hosting services in India –


This is a great service provider, especially for the SMEs and start-ups. The service is user friendly and availability of multiple plans helps businesses to choose as per budget.


Go4hosting provides robust solid-state-drive infrastructure so that businesses of all size can get boosted up website having extremely fast loading speed and thereby improve user experience and ROI. Owners of high traffic websites should choose this best SSD VPS hosting solution for better performance.


Bluehost is a respected name in the SSD VPS hosting business. It offers businesses with great performance at affordable price, redundant SSD storage, 4GB to 16GB RAM, seamless migration facility, and many more.


An established name in the VPS SSD storage business, CloudOYE offers solid performance with guaranteed speed consistently. For enhanced needs, CloudOYE provides perfect flexibility by giving businesses with additional bandwidth and RAM.


This SSD VPS hosting provides its customers with 50 GB – 1.6 TB SSD disk space, excellent bandwidth (both incoming and outgoing), real time server monitoring facility round the clock, and many more at attractive prices.


DialWebHosting provides excellent hosting service to its customers and is also known as one of the best SSD VPS hosting services in India. Guaranteed high uptime, highly affordable prices, and use of advanced VPS server technology makes it a preferred choice.


A perfect solution of VPS SSD hosting is provided by GoDaddy to the SMEs. Great support and advanced technology usage are its highlights.

These are the 7 best SSD VPS hosting solutions in India.