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What You Must Look for in Cheap WordPress Hosting

Finding a reliable and cheap WordPress hosting can sometimes become a complicated task with so many services available out there. You cannot afford to sacrifice on quality in your search for low-cost services.

Sometimes it can be misleading since some hosts offer low priced plans as introductory offers. The plan costs change when your business starts growing and you need more facilities. Some cheap WordPress hosting providers insist on long-term contracts and you could have performance issues when you expand your site and your current host is unable to provide efficient services.


More information about WordPress:

WordPress is an open-source website building and management tool. It is not owned or controlled by any person or an organization. Anyone with web development ideas can contribute and develop the software. This is the primary reason for its popularity. The support you get from the community is amazing.

Content management system:

A content management system (CMS) is a software script with which a business owner can edit, create, publish their content through a website. The content can be in image form, multimedia, or simple text. CMS hosting providers offer the hardware, software, and other infrastructure by which the content in any form can be published over the internet to reach the target audience across the globe. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most popular CMS controlling over 60% of the share.

What you must look for:

Rich in features:

Cheap WordPress hosting, as mentioned earlier will not compromise on quality. It comes with complete features to ensure you have the best performance. It gives you SSH access, offers unlimited domains, SSL, SSDs, email accounts etc. and services like free migration, free domain names etc as add-ons. It is important for you to consider data backups. Slight human error or some disaster can put your business in severe losses.

Efficient support system:

This is very vital. Your cheap WordPress hosting must ensure their support team works around the clock. Issues can crop up late in the day after business hours and if your site is affected, you could miss out on some valuable business. This will mean a loss of revenue as well as customers who would have gone to some other site with their requirements.

Plans for all types of servers:

Cheap WordPress hosting does not necessarily be only in plan cost. It runs on the concept you get what you pay for. The performance and security that you can get in a VPS can be far superior to what you get in shared hosting. WordPress hosting is available in all the platforms and you must pick the best based on the traffic and services you require.

Shared hosting is considered the cheapest but gives you limited resources and is not scalable. There are numerous websites hosted on the server. The dedicated server is just the opposite. It is leased to one customer and the complete resources are for their use. VPS is an in-between solution where you get resources like in dedicated server at a price almost as low as in shared server.


How to Add Speed and Reliability to Website with SSD VPS Hosting

As a client of SSD VPS hosting, you will hardly be concerned with the type of drive since your entire focus will be on the performance and ranking of your website. Solid State Drive is preferred by the majority of hosting providers for a number of reasons.

Unique features

An SSD is generations ahead of conventional hard disk drives that included several mechanical and rotating parts. In a Solid State Drive, there are no moving components and therefore it can deliver amazing speed while locating any information that is required by end users.

SSD VPS hosting plans are highly popular among clients from e-commerce industry because visitors are able to access the desired products instantly. This feature is vital for any online business that needs to drive more customers and engage them with help of an enhanced browsing experience.


If your site is not backed by SSD hosting services, then your visitors would drift away from your website in search of a faster option. In case of HDD storage device, the information is located on the disk which is kept on rotating around itself. Such a spinning motion can result in greater latency if your site is experiencing traffic spikes.

Faster and better performance

Unlike the conventional hosting that involves the use of HDDs for storage of information, SSD storage system leverages flash storage mechanism which is devoid of moving parts. The rapid response time of SSD device is responsible for enhanced and faster website speed.

SSD VPS hosting also promises a superfast data transfer speed to boost the performance of websites that need to handle huge volumes of concurrent visitors. Thanks to the larger disk space offered by Solid State Drives, you can upload larger and richer data files such as high definition images, video files, and much more.

Stable and durable

It is obvious that a Hard Disk Drive would offer a shorter duration of performance due to the presence of moving parts. On the other hand, SSD VPS hosting excludes mechanical operations and thus can perform without any hiccups or mechanical failures.

If you are looking for a reliable and safe data processing, then SSD VPS hosting can be a right solution. Microchip-based Solid State Drive hosting provides seamless data encryption for superior reliability. SSD hosting services are preferred for their hassle free performance that eliminates repair costs and the downtime associated with maintenance.

Advanced and silent performance

With SSD VPS hosting, your website can deliver fascinating results with much higher read and write speeds. Since an SSD is designed for static operations, the drive does not suffer from impacts of vibrations. In addition, SSDs are far more energy efficient than HDDs due to the fact that SSD VPS hosting involves no rotating components.

In conclusion

SSD VPS hosting boosts cost efficiency with improved website performance since Solid State Drives consume less electricity and load much faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives. These are also appreciated for cooler performance. However, SSD hosting services can be a shade more expensive than standard VPS plans. It is advisable to perform regular backups because recovery of data can be impossible of the drive fails to run.

How the Best Dedicated Server Provider Can Enhance Performance of Your Website

Your business has grown popular and you need more space, bandwidth, memory etc. to accommodate and respond to all your visitors. You must move to the dedicated server as it will give the entire server for yourself. Unlike in your present hosting platform, in the dedicated machine, you will not be sharing the resources with anybody. It is important to pick the best dedicated server provider. How will you know which provider services are best for your business?


What you need:

While quality products and services must have been the primary reason for your business popularity, there are other factors that must also have influenced the growth. Unless your site is available, how will a visitor know what you are promoting? The best dedicated server provider will guarantee of uptime, speed, and security. Why these are important are discussed briefly below:

  • One of it is business availability. Your visitors come from different geographical regions. It is important your website is available and accessible at any given time. When a visitor clicks on your site and finds an error message, they have other options. They move on to your competitor. 
  • Similarly, speed is another requirement. Your website must respond instantly or you lose a prospect. Remember, the visitor has plenty of options. Your loss will be your competitor’s gain. 
  • Security to data is a cause of concern to every business. If your website is hacked, it will mean all your information is at risk of being exposed. Clients will never come back to your site.


Being technically competent, several businesses do the mistake of ignoring the necessity of support services from the providers. Technical support is required since you never can predict in advance when you may need their assistance. The server can slow down or you may want to change some configurations. Waiting till they open can delay and create performance issues. The best dedicated server provider will offer 24/7 support throughout the year.

Control will be with you:

With a dedicated server, you get root access. You have the liberty to customize and configure the server, install any software, choose the hardware, host any number of websites etc. This requires you to have the technical expertise to manage the server. The host is responsible only for uptime, security, and maintaining the infrastructure that comes inbuilt with the server. This is called unmanaged dedicated hosting. You will administer, manage and maintain the server operations, OS upgrades, software installation, updates, security patches etc.

In contrast, there is the managed hosting, where the hosting company takes responsibility for the server administration and maintenance. Unmanaged hosting is lower in cost than the managed services.

High reliability in performance:

Dedicated servers are known for its performance and ability to manage high traffic. The best dedicated server provider builds and maintains your servers in resilient data centers and guarantees of more than 99.95% network uptime and speed with the lowest latency. This type of servers can assure you of high productivity giving your business an edge over the competition.

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Cheap Business E Mail Solutions – Essential Service For Increasing Brand Identity And Brand Credibility

Overview- About E Mails

E mail is electronic mail. E mail is a process of exchanging messages. These electronic mails can be exchanged between individuals or organisations with the use of electronic devices.

E mail was first introduced in the year 1960 and was established by mid-1970. E mails need computer network to operate. This computer network is also known as the internet. The e mail system of current time functions on a model of store and forward. There are special servers for providing e mail service. These are known as e mail servers. These e mail servers accept, forward, deliver or store e mail messages. The need of the user’s computers being online simultaneously for sending and receiving e mails, has been abolished. These computers need to connect with a e mail server or an interface of web mail, only for a very brief period to complete the delivery of the message.

About Business E Mails

Business e mails are methods of electronic business communications. Business e mails are very important messaging tool for the business organisation, to establish business relations among the customers, colleagues, sponsors, other business organisations or business partners. Business e mails are electronic messages, sent and received by business people, for the purpose of business promotion and initiating or completing business transactions. These business e mails are sent by business organisation to another business organisation, or a customer.

mail-620x350 (1)

Business e mails describes many different varieties of mailings and messaging. It is a very broad term of business electronic messages. Business e mails include mailings and shipping services, which are sent and received as business class mailings. Business e mails are generally bulk mails, sent to many receivers. A business organisation may send hundreds of mails or packages in a day, to the receivers.

A business e mail not only communicates about the business activities among the related people, but it also helps in creating a very good business image of the business organisation. Currently, business e mails are the most preferred method of worldwide business communication, through out the world. Business e mails are able to communicate to people living in different time zones, in all over the world, instantly and simultaneously.

A business e mail address includes the name of the business organisation. This helps in company’s brand promotion each time a business e mail is sent by the company and received by the recipient.

Business E Mail Solutions

The more the pressure on business e mail delivery system increases, the more the business organisation realise that the running an in-house business e mail solution, is not a cost-effective business proposition any more. A business e mail server also requires professional management and control by a professional management service. A business e mail server also needs to be upgraded continuously and constantly. These servers need professional maintenance service, round the clock. All these upgradation and maintenance work require more manpower related to Information Technology, which has to be hired by the business organisation, inducing more expenses for the business organisation.

Business e mail solution or business e mail hosting has become instrumental in establishing brand image and brand credibility. Business e mail hosting service takes care of all business communications professionally. Business e mail solutions provide the user with a professional mail account with the name of the business domain, which enhance the business credibility of the business organisation.

Business e mail solutions are cost effective service. The cost of business e mail hosting service is negligible, in comparison to the benefits provided by the hosting service. The business e mail hosting solution provide extra space for storage of e mails, with the provision of using business logo in white label e mail hosting service.

Cheap Business E Mail solutions

There are number of business e mail hosting service provider companies available, which are providing corporate e mail hosting service at a very cheap price. All these business e mail solution provider companies are reliable, respectable, reputable, experienced and affordable, providing quality business e mail solutions to their clients at an unbelievably cheap price.

Cheap WordPress Hosting – Most Popular And Widely Used Online Tool For Website Building And Development

It is a difficult task to choose the right WordPress web hosting plan for oneself. Maximum time, the fresh users make the mistake of opting for web hosting plans they do not have any use for and pay unnecessarily a lot of money for the plan. There are many providers of WordPress hosting service and the user needs to be very cautious and make a thorough research before opting for a service provider, that suits best for her/his hosting service needs, and their money remains well spent.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a tool for creating websites. WordPress is an online tool, which is open source in nature. WordPress is a tool that is written in PHP. WordPress is also the most powerful and the easiest to use content management system, for managing contents in blogs or websites.

WordPress is the most widely used content management system. WordPress is also the most popular open source content management system, which is used by more than 75 million websites all over the world. WordPress is absolutely free to be deployed and to be regularly upgraded. WordPress has a simple and flexible interface. This interface is powered by thousands of templates and plugins. All this help to reduce the cost of development and the time of deployment.



Advantages of WordPress:

  • WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system in the world, holding the largest market share for Content Management system. 
  • WordPress is an open source content management system. WordPress has plenty of rooms for expansion. WordPress is self-installed and is free for downloading, installing and regular upgrading, and is having more than 50,000 WordPress plugins, most of them are for free. 
  • WordPress is a content management system with the flexible framework. The designers and developers can customize WordPress to suit their needs. 
  • WordPress is for everybody, even for the non-technical bloggers to handle. It is not that just developers can use WordPress. WordPress has easy to use interface with written manuals for every use. 
  • The setup and maintenance cost of WordPress is very low, in comparison to another open source CMS for website development. 

What is WordPress Hosting?  

The most crucial and important part of a web site building is hosting. WordPress hosting is an optimized shared hosting. WordPress hosting is particularly for running WordPress websites. WordPress hosting is popular among users of WordPress because of its speed of loading, with its high-level security and reliability. WordPress hosting has its own characteristics.  

Benefits of WordPress Hosting- 

  1. The user of WordPress hosting can use a domain name that is customized. There is no need to purchase a domain from the host. WordPress hosting allows the user to manage the domain and the website from the same location. 
  2. The users have optimized control over the functionality and customization of the websites through WordPress hosting website building and development. 
  3. WordPress specific hosting plans make the service provider offer updates and support, those are specific to WordPress platform.  

Cheap WordPress Hosting-

There are a great number of service providers, who are offering budget-friendly plans for hosting websites for WordPress. These providers are offering interesting features in the package. The user must be very selective to choose a good cheap WordPress hosting service provider, which is providing WordPress hosting service for cheap price package. 

How the Cheap Linux VPS Server Can Be Useful for a Small Business

You must have been deliberating on the most affordable yet robust hosting platform for your small business. You need better features than that is provided in shared hosting. Consider the cheap Linux VPS server. It is not only the least expensive after shared hosting and matches the features of a dedicated server without the high costs.

What is Linux VPS server:

Linux is an open-source operating system that is generally used as an option along with Windows. Linux is based on the scripting languages of PHP, Python, Perl etc. and uses the MySQL database for storage. It is more affordable than Windows since there is no license to be purchased. Windows servers are Microsoft owned and commercially sold at a fee which makes the plan costs higher.


VPS (virtual private server) is created by partitioning a physical server into smaller virtual servers. Each VPS runs its own copy of operating system and allocated dedicated resources. They are housed separately in individual containers.

Isolated environment:

The VPS server ensures better privacy than shared hosting as they are all isolated from each other. Each account is assigned a dedicated IP which adds to the privacy of the users. Risks of being banned due to someone else’s fault, as it happens in shared server hosting, is not there in VPS.

Who can use the cheap Linux VPS server?

Linux VPS servers will work fine for

A growing business that is still having unpredictable traffic. They do not require the dedicated server but need more than the shared hosting offerings.

Website designers and developers can use the virtual machines to test their codes or offer web hosting as an add-on service to their clients.

A business that is not much bothered about the other resources but needs the maximum privacy to house their mission-critical applications.

Complete control:

Cheap Linux VPS server gives you root access. You can configure and customize the server the way you want. You can install any software that your business demands so long as they follow your host’s terms and conditions. You must have the technical competence to manage and maintain the applications you install. Your host takes responsibility for the in-built applications.

More reliable than shared hosting:

VPS hosting is more reliable than shared hosting. This is because in VPS each account gets dedicated resources. Even if a user draws more resources, it will not disturb your business in any manner. In shared hosting, chances of the server crashing are high and can result in your site becoming unavailable. The cheap Linux VPS server ensures utmost stability that you can reboot the server any number of times and it will not create any hindrance to your neighbors sharing the server.

Become a reseller:

Cheap Linux VPS server hosting will be the ideal and most affordable way to start your own web hosting business. You can partner with a web hosting company and buy their reseller plans. You can gain experience without any investment in the expensive infrastructure and still earn some income.

Get Benefited with Dedicated Server!

Businesses are no short of options when it comes to switching their infrastructure to off-site hosts. But, it is important to know about the best options available in the market that work according to the needs of your business. Also, the choice of plan is as important as the service provider, when it comes to web hosting. Many people remain confused about which server they should choose for the growth of their website. So as to cater to the needs of different businesses, dedicated servers have proven their worth.


What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server, which is hosted by a single organization and allows only them to lease and access it. In technical term, a dedicated server can be defined as a physical server operating on software that runs different services over a network. This server is dedicated entirely to one client and cannot be shared with others. It allows a customer to choose the type operating system and hardware they want to be installed in it. Apart from this, the hosting company also provides administration services to customers as an add-on service.

Advantages of using the dedicated server for your business:

A quintessential aspect for any business running online is a reliable hosting server. This is the reason why most businesses spend the time to choose the best hosting service. All servers are not efficient when it comes to security and performance. So, a best cheap dedicated server is the answer for all your needs.

Reasons to consider a dedicated server over others is mentioned below:

  • Dedicated resources: With a best cheap dedicated server, one can get the full resources on a single server. There are no worries about getting blocked by other websites. You will get the surety that bad scripts that are running on other websites are not slowing your server down.

  • Better security: There is a far greater level of security is offered by dedicated server hosting. This server protects you from spammers or malicious websites. The reason why most of the companies rely on the dedicated server is its enhanced security for handling sensitive information.

  • Own IP address: A dedicated server comes with its own IP address, so you don’t need to worry about sharing the same IP with others. The best part of this feature is that your business’s reputation will not be harmed because of others, and there will be no worries about the blacklisting of IP address. And, for an e-commerce business person, having a dedicated IP address is important because they rely on credit card payments which require SSL.

  • A low-cost server: Being a user of the dedicated server, you have a low-cost way to access the resources of a full server, if you don’t have time to manage the server. The cost of building and maintaining server equipment is handled by a service provider only.

As all businesses plan to generate revenue through online business, so it is important to get the reliable server installed on premises. So, consider a dedicated server hosting and you are all set to go.