How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider For Your Online Business Website

The decision to choose the right ecommerce web hosting provider for your online selling business can be tough. You are unlikely to come across any service provider offering less that 99% uptime, the best resources and 24/7 support but we all know that these are marketing gimmicks that most companies use liberally to grab your attention and your business.

Thankfully, not all web host services are the same. There are a few genuine and reputed companies that are actually committed to delivering a great ecommerce experience. They too make tall claims but deliver a good part of their promises, if not all. Your job is to find an ecommerce web hosting service that helps you establish your business by offering the best available features and great support when you need it.


What Are The Features To Look For

Finding the best web hosting for ecommerce business involves identifying the top companies in this niche and comparing a few key features that can have a direct bearing on the way you manage your online enterprise. A website hosting platform capable of handling the tasks associated with an ecommerce website, and has the ability to offer high flexibility and scalability is what you need for your business.

The best ecommerce hosting platform is one that offers quality templates that can be customized to match your business requirements. Other things that you must look out for are:

  • An integrated shopping cart
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Best solution for inventory management
  • Tools for store management
  • Detailed analytics
  • Configuration options and many others

Fast Loading Speeds

Speed is a key requirement for ecommerce business as fast loading times is imperative to attract and retain customers. If the ecommerce web pages take a long time to open, it is very likely that visitors would move away to competitors or to websites that load faster. Your web hosting for ecommerce provider plays a key role in the way your website loads and performs. Choose a service with a reputation for fast loading speeds regardless of the physical location of your business.

Ample Storage Space

Storage is another important feature to consider while choosing an ecommerce hosting service. An ecommerce business website is bound to have lots of images and videos that can take up a lot of space. Choose a website hosting for ecommerce service that provide unlimited storage and data transfers. These are key factors for smooth running of your online business. By choosing a service that offers unlimited storage, you can ensure that the performance of your ecommerce business website will not be limited by data storage.

Stringent Security

Security is another aspect that must rank high on your list of priorities while choosing an ecommerce website hosting service. As an ecommerce business, you will be handling a large number of online transactions on a daily basis. That’s why it is critical to focus on making your website as secure as possible to earn the confidence of your customers. A private SSL is a great way of They protecting card information, user logins and passwords. A fully secured website will also deter hackers and unscrupulous elements and prevent misuse of confidential information.

Choose a web hosting for ecommerce service that satisfies all the above requirements in an affordable manner for best results.

Features of the Best VPS Hosting Service Provider that Augment Your Web Footprint

In order to choose the best VPS service provider, we need to understand the essence of Virtual Private Server. Many experts consider Virtual Private Server hosting as an intermediate service between shared and dedicated hosting services. It shares similar characteristics of multi tenancy with shared hosting and also offers independent functioning of websites irrespective of neighbors.

Virtual Private Service blends essential features of shared and dedicated hosting without excessive disturbance of neighboring websites similar to shared hosting and expensive cost of dedicated server hosting. Every Virtual Private Server is dedicated to a single site with an individual operating system. Users of the best VPS hosting provider services can have independent access to greater resources than shared hosting services in spite of co-existence of several Virtual Private Servers.


Vital features of VPS hosting services

Moving to a VPS hosting service is a very significant step for the assured availability of your online enterprise. This demands an in-depth analysis of VPS provider’s features and background. While every provider of VPS hosting services claim to offer high availability, assured uptime, with a broad array of special plans and features that can influence decision making process.

You can definitely look into such offerings but there are few essential aspects of the best VPS hosting provider that need to be looked into. Your proposed VPS hosting service provider must be capable of providing a highly reliable service coupled with uncompromised performance. One should look for SLA backed assurance of high uptime.

VPS hosting plans need to include free security measures for your Virtual Private Server in addition to replacement guarantee of hardware. Server management should be user-friendly with intuitive management controls backed by applications designed to facilitate smooth management of server. You may confirm individual features such as quick deployment, web control center, integrated support, easy upgrade, and prompt control to name a few.

One of the most vital features to look for is the operating system of Virtual Private Server. Users are free to choose either Windows or Linux operating system. Check for the availability of top of the line OS. The best VPS hosting provider has ability to assure reliable technical support and well designed maintenance program that does not impact your website’s online availability.

Users of reliable VPS hosting India are assured of customizability in order to support their individual requirements of hosting. One needs to confirm this feature while choosing right plans.

Important considerations

Selection of the best VPS hosting provider that fulfills your requirements is an extremely complex task. The overall exercise of choosing a right service provider is complicated due to presence of myriad hosting providers that claim to offer almost similar features. However you may simplify your selection process by evaluating the following parameters.

Choice of VPS hosting type includes fully managed, basic, unmanaged and partially or semi-managed VPS plans. Every type of VPS hosting plan accounts for varying levels of support from providers. You should also compare prices of different plans from VPS hosting providers by comparing various features as discussed earlier. 

All About Linux VPS Hosting

When most businesses start, they have plenty of important expenses they need to meet. It is then that they go for shared hosting for their sites since that is the cheapest option out there. Once the business outgrows shared hosting, the logical next leap is VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting. It is the ideal middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting gives all the benefits of a dedicated server but at a fraction of its cost. What happens is that the web host divides or configures the server into various private servers or accounts. Each of these accounts has an allocated share of the server’s resources and can tack on additional resources when required.


A VPS account offers the user complete root access and the ability to configure the server just like an actual server. Many entrepreneurs prefer to use Linux as the operating system or platform for their business. This is because of the many benefits that Linux offers, such as mutability, affordability, and security.

So what exactly is it that Linux VPS Hosting offers to businesses:

  • The server resources are guaranteed to the user. Unlike in the cases of reseller hosting or shared hosting, this type of hosting ensures that your account stays unaffected by other users of the same server.

  • Linux runs seamlessly for the end-users. Since it has a community based support, it keeps updating continuously and there is constant improvement and hole-patching happening within the system.

  • It is a free, open source platform. And that is a major reason why linux vps hosting services, such as Go4hosting, are so affordable for the clients.

  • A vast range of applications such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. can easily run on Linux. Thus, not only does the end user not have to pay the initial licensing costs, they can use all the open source apps with it. So, this is a cost-effective option in the long run too.
  • Linux offers versatility. This makes a very appealing option for both small and big businesses. It is also scalable, which means that the end user can conserve disk space by just retaining the programs that they need and remove the others.

  • Stability is another benefit that Linux servers offer. They can handle huge volumes of applications and offer great uptime. Scripting languages and databases, such as PERL Script, MySQL, etc., that are used to boost accessibility and speed are fully supported by Linux.

  • Linux servers are secure servers. While it is too that no server can remain 100% protected from malicious attacks, most Linux users say that these servers are amply safe and secure.

The user gets a control panel they can interact with and can control all the aspects of server management, including changing server configuration. Basically, they get all the features that a dedicated hosting service would give them, albeit at a much lower cost. So, this is a superb option for users that are still moving towards managing their own server and want an upgrade from shared hosting.

VPS hosting Services – Offer Cost Effective & Reliable Business Solutions

VPS Hosting services make use of virtualization technology to offer you more privacy, control and security as compared to shared hosting.

This is the reason why companies that start off with cheap shared hosting plans upgrade to VPS Hosting Services.

“A situation arises when we need more power for our websites along with freedom to customize configurations and software”, says an owner of a small and medium enterprise.


“VPS has proved to be the right solution for us because it divides resources between several servers delivering cost advantages of a shared server, while offering perks of a dedicated server”.

Most enterprises are satisfied with the VPS Servers in India because they are capable of delivering compute capacity on demand, with strong security modules and round the clock bespoke Technical Assistance.

This is good news indeed as a growing number of SMBs are keen to reinforce their online presence, and increasing smartphone penetration is further fueling the hosting market.

As per an estimate, the hosting segment in India is on track to grow at a CAGR of a little over 20 % till 2019 at least.

Three factors are driving the hosting business.

  1. Vigorous IT adoption by small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  2. Government initiatives to make IT popular. An example is UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India).
  3. Ubiquity of smartphones.


But for enterprises, it is not an easy task to choose the right web hosting company.

“Recognizing your hosting needs is your first step”, says an IT specialist. “Creating a fully functional and quick loading website must be your main objective”.

Experts recommend that entrepreneurs must answer the following questions before they zero-in to a web hosting plan.

  • How much traffic are you expecting on your business website?
  • What are the features of the website you are planning to build?
  • Are you choosing Linux or do you need Windows based applications?

Here are a few other things entrepreneurs must keep in mind.


All web hosting companies face downtimes. Therefore it is unrealistic to expect 100 percent uptime. Nevertheless, the hosting service must have a track record of delivering 99.99 % downtime, which is a industry standard.

24 x 7 Support

Many web hosts promise round the clock technical support, but more often than not, fail on their promise. Choose a hosting company that has a good record of providing bespoke technical assistance whenever the client wants.

Refund Policy

It is a good policy to choose a web hosting vendor that offers a trial period to test their service. If you are not satisfied with the service, the vendor must allow you to cancel the account and get the refund.

It is a fact that, most of the businesses eventually decide on VPS hosting services, because it is the best bet to get optimum performance, scalability, and a high level of security.

There are several hosting service providers in India that provide high quality VPS hosting solutions to companies across different verticals.

With well-equipped data centers and reliable server connections clients are able to elevate their businesses to new levels.

For more information of various types of hosting services, call 1-800-212-2022 (Toll Free)

Overview of Data Centers and Classifications

Data centers can easily regarded as the brain of companies that run the critical processes. To have an idea about them is very important for any business looking for a hosting solution.

Data centers have large scale operations along with complex IT infrastructures where substantial amount of hardware are used. These facilities can easily regarded as server rooms. With increase in size and scale they can also be regarded as data centers. When it is the data centers, they are run by either the government agencies or the large businesses. With evolving hosting technology, data center services in India are being progressively being used for cloud solution.

When it is the data centers there are many associated aspects that need to be taken care of including all time electricity availability, protection from any kind of accident, safeguard from external influences, availability of sufficient cooling aspects, powerful hardware, and many more. Organisational measures are also there that are needed to be taken care of. Some of the most important organisational measures include periodic backups for smooth operability, extensive hardware/software solution, optimal protection, and many more.


For all these reasons you will find sturdy and well constructed building for housing servers, cables, storage devices, and internet connection. There are many more aspects associated too and they are supply of power cooling system, automatic fire extinguishing systems, and many more.

Data centers are not homogeneous in nature

When you are talking about data center services in India it must be kept in mind that there are different types of data centers available. The classification takes place on the basis of many factors. This is why the tier system is there in case of data centers and the ratings are given on the basis of ANSI or American National Standards Institute.

There are 4 types of data centers available and they are:

  • Tier I
  • Tier II
  • Tier III
  • Tier IV

These tiers are there on the basis of extent of availability:

  • In case of Tier I data centers, the extent of availability is 99.671 per cent.
  • In case of Tier II data centers, the extent of availability is 99.741 per cent.
  • In case of Tier III data centers, the extent of availability is 99.982 per cent.
  • In case of Tier IV data centers, the extent of availability is 99.995 per cent.

If we look at the downtime extent of services we will find that these aspects also vary significantly.

  • Downtime of Tier I data centers over a year’s time is around 28.8 hours
  • Downtime of Tier II data centers over a year’s time is around 22.7 hours
  • Downtime of Tier III data centers over a year’s time is around 1.6 hours
  • Downtime of Tier IV data centers over a year’s time is around 0.4 hours

This aspect will give you a clear picture why you should choose the best data center in India for cutting downtime.

Ways to Get Affordable Dedicated Hosting Services

When your website needs more resources than what shared hosting can offer you, it is better to upgrade to a VPS hosting plan or get affordable dedicated hosting services. In dedicated hosting, you can enjoy all the resources belonging to the server exclusively on your own. You will come across many providers offering low-priced dedicated server hosting plans. However, you must be careful to choose quality affordable dedicated hosting services instead of settling for a provider simply because it offers cheap hosting solutions.


Things to consider when choosing affordable dedicated hosting services:

  • You need to know about hardware specifications before signing up with a dedicated hosting provider. When you get low-priced plans, the first thing to check is whether you will get round-the-clock support from the host. This is especially important because if the server malfunctions for some reason, you need a support team to troubleshoot the glitch right away; else your site will end up slowing down and losing customers.
  • You must be wary of dedicated web hosting providers which do not offer money-back guarantees on their plans. This is important because after signing up with a host, you may soon find out that the site is remaining inaccessible for a considerable period of time. Money-back guarantees on plans allow you to test the hosting services first before paying for them.
  • You should try to get affordable dedicated hosting services but not at the cost of root access. In short, your host must offer you complete root access to the server so that you can install custom software and operating system of your choice.
  • You need to find out if there are advanced support provisions for customers buying low-priced dedicated servers. For instance, you must check to see whether you will get any help in installing scripts. There are times when plug-ins trigger technical problems which must be resolved immediately. So, advanced support is a necessity in these situations and there may be extra charges for such support. It is therefore recommended that you check for these support features being provided by a host to be sure that you have been able to get the best advanced support from a web host.
  • Dedicated servers are likely to be far costlier compared to virtual servers or shared servers. At the same time, you have to ensure that the costs do not overshoot your hosting budget. It may be a good idea to speak to sales representatives first before you actually sign up for a hosting package. When you choose Linux servers, you can save on your monthly costs because Linux is an open source OS and there are no licensing charges. However, for businesses which run ASP or ASP.NET technologies, they have to opt for Windows dedicated servers because these will run in a Windows-only environment. Windows servers are costlier than Linux servers.
  • If you can choose unmanaged dedicated hosting, you can enjoy affordable dedicated hosting services. This is because in unmanaged hosting, you are responsible for maintaining and securing the servers, not the host. This is a viable alternative when you have a seasoned IT team to take care of server management issues.

What factors to Consider While Choosing Best Cloud Hosting Providers India

Cloud technology is the fastest growing technology today. Although initially there was a lot of hesitation and skepticism over security and high costs, businesses of all sizes are now moving totally or some of their workloads to the cloud. Cloud services saves your business time and money. It is more reliable and efficient. You could benefit further if you do a little homework and select the best cloud hosting providers India services for your business.

Assess your requirements

If you are a small business and find that the shared hosting suits your needs, then you may not necessarily have to outsource your IT to the best cloud hosting providers, India. You could consider upgrading to the cloud when your business grows and you find the traffic flow steadily increasing. Shared hosting has several restrictions with its rigid resource availability that may hamper the growth of a business. But if you are a small business with no plans of expansion to wider markets, shared hosting should suffice.


What you need from the best cloud hosting providers India: 

  • Data security with firewalls, encryption and data replication, SSLs, SSDs, anti D-DoS solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support over phone, mail and chat.
  • Strong SLAs with uptime commitment.
  • Data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Scalable storage.

The providers should be experienced offer high quality infrastructure. Read the reviews and testimonials from their present and past customers.  The plans have to be flexible and affordable. Compare the prices of different vendors. There should be a reason for someone charging more than the others. Come to a clear understanding about the confidentiality and ownership of data.

The best cloud hosting providers India will augment the benefits of the cloud further with their quality services. The features of cloud include

  • Scalability: Cloud is highly scalable. You can add or discard resources on demand depending on your traffic requirements.
  • Reliable: Cloud runs on a cluster of servers. Even if one of the components fail, resources are made available from the other components in the network.
  • Affordable: Cloud vendors charge on the pay-as-you-use- model. This eliminates the need of paying on fixed rates for resources you do not require.
  • Available: Users can access their data at any time, from any location and on any device. All they need is a good internet connection.

Cloud server hosting is available in the three platforms of

Public cloud:  Services are offered over the internet for individuals and businesses to draw their required resources

Private cloud:  A secluded and private environment is created and the services are offered to one business only.

Hybrid cloud:  An amalgam of the best features of both private and public cloud.

The best cloud hosting providers India replicate the data over multiple servers and allow fast and easy accessibility. This allows you easy collaboration among your employees even if they are away from your business premises and contribute to the projects on hand.  Data replication over remote locations allows easy replacement of your data in case you lose it due to accidental deletion or by some disasters.