Why Cheap VPS Hosting Suits Businesses of Every Size

Cheap VPS hosting will be an ideal, affordable and reliable hosting platform for your websites if you need privacy and control over the server. You may choose the dedicated server but your budget will go off-track as it is far more expensive than VPS.  Shared hosting is more affordable and almost everyone start their online business with it. However, after some extent, when the traffic to your website starts increasing, you will find it very restrictive in resources and experience server slowing down or crashing frequently.


What is VPS:

VPS imitates the dedicated server in its features but in a shared environment. You get dedicated resources, are in control over your server, have the privacy and seclusion though at a lower range than the dedicated server. Since you will be sharing your server with others the expenses are also split among the users which is why VPS becomes more affordable. Unless you need the entire space that dedicated server offers, you should choose the cheap VPS hosting for your site. VPS is created by partitioning a physical server into smaller virtual servers. Each virtual server comes with its copy of operating system and gets dedicated resources.

The benefits you get with cheap VPS hosting include:

Control: You get root access to the server which allows you to configure it in any way that suits your business. You may install any software applications that your business may require that are not offered by your host.

Reliable: You will not be disturbing the other businesses even if you draw more resources to meet any sudden increase in traffic to your site. Similarly, your websites continue to perform at the usual pace even if a neighbor overdraws their share.

Continuity: Your business will get your resources from the other active servers even if your server is down with some issue.

Privacy:  Unlike in shared hosting, your business is housed in individual containers. You also are given a dedicated IP address which keeps you separate from the other accounts. No outsider can get access to your container giving you complete privacy and isolation.

Security: Chances of your business being affected due to a compromised account are very low. This is a vast improvement over the shared hosting where if one account is down with an attack, it will spread across all the accounts.

Your cheap VPS hosting account is placed in highly resilient data centers where you are assured of 99.95% network uptime and high-speed connections. You get to enjoy all the infrastructure and latest technologies at the data center at no additional expense.

Cheap VPS hosting plans are offered in Linux and Windows servers. Linux is more affordable than the Windows servers. Both are robust servers and have capabilities to manage high pressures.

Taking the benefits of virtual technology, a step further is the cheap cloud VPS hosting. You can scale your resources on demand with just a few clicks. Cloud VPS assures you of 100% uptime as it runs on a cluster of servers that do not depend on any centralized software but run independently.


Top Attributes of How Cheap Cloud Server Hosting in India Benefits Your Organization

Cloud hosting is a web hosting service based on the virtual technology offered across a network of interlinked servers. The fundamental difference between the cloud hosting and the traditional hosting is that the consumers draw the cloud services over the internet. Cheap cloud server hosting in India is an ideal and affordable hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. Cloud hosting is offered in three models.

cloud-server-hosting1.  Public cloud: It is the most popular form of cloud hosting. It can either be free or billed as per usage. The service provider offers resources and services to the public over the internet. The consumers subscribe to the service they require and are billed on an hourly or monthly basis. It is an ideal form for individuals and small businesses.

2.  Private cloud: Works in the same way as public cloud with the difference that here the services are offered to only one entity. It ensures a more private and secured environment. It is generally preferred by the large business houses that have high traffic.

3.  Hybrid cloud: Combines the features of both public and private cloud. Here the users can host their non-sensitive data on the public cloud and use the private cloud for their mission- critical applications.

Highly cost-effective:

Users pay for the services they consume on the pay-as-you-use billing model. So, they do not waste their money by buying resources on plan basis and leave them unutilized. Another major benefit of the cheap cloud server hosting in India is that the service provider offers all the resources over the internet. The users do not have to pay for any hardware and software infrastructure or any licenses or for their maintenance.

Minimum downtime:

Cheap cloud server hosting in India offers high availability. In case you are on a dedicated server and it goes down due to an issue, it requires physical human effort which may require at least an hour or two to replace the server, which means your website is down till then. Cloud technology has automated features by which any issue is detected and resources are diverted from the other active servers to make sure your website gets its resources continuously.

Access from anywhere:

Cloud gives you access to your data and applications over the internet. This means you can access your applications from anywhere so long as you have a device that is having an internet connection. You do not have to go back to your business premises to access your data saving you both money and time. This feature of cheap cloud server hosting in India makes it possible for a business to continue to run seamlessly like for example, your employees are working on a project from different locations. Each of them can do their work, update their report without having to report back to the office to give their feedback.


One of the significant benefits of the cheap cloud server hosting in India is that it allows a business to scale their resources as per traffic demands. You can add or reduce your server capacity with just a few clicks on demand.

What Database Hosting Is All About

Many hosting solutions providers offer database hosting services too. In this service, they provide a managed server that has been optimized to run a relational database. This type of service is mostly utilized by clients who use applications for running data or database-intensive applications like ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRMs (Customer Relation Management). These programs need more memory and clients go for database hosting to enhance their reliability.

The server in Database Hosting is unique in that it has the ability to store tons of information. It stores this information in tables, in the form of columns and rows. This optimizes the search facility and the user is able to find what they are looking for in just some minutes. In terms of appearance, it looks quite similar to Lotus 123 or MS Excel.

database-hosting-for-managed-hostingHardware and software

Extremely specific hardware and software are required in this type of hosting since they have to support the database correctly. The database host has to ensure optimal performance and resiliency and so they take care to configure file layout, volumes, etc. properly.

A running database cannot be backed up by the regular procedures that most providers offer. In Database Hosting, the provider has a special process that ensures the perfect, recoverable backup of a running database. Any intrepid provider, such as Go4hosting, will plan a specific backup procedure based on your unique business requirements.

Some kinds of databases are Embedded database, Document-oriented database, Graph database, Hypertext database, Operational database, Flat-file database, Distributed database, etc.

There are three kinds of Database Management Systems (DBMSs):
1.  Object-oriented DBMS
2.  Relational aka network DBMS
3.  Hierarchical DBMS

There are lots of software programs that are used for DBMSs, such as Maria DB, Oracle, SAP HANA, FoxPro, Sybase, Ingres, Simple DB, etc. However, the most commonly used MS SQL and MySQL.

The main advantage of Database Hosting is – as mentioned, a lot of information can be stored in it and that information can be retrieved from the RAM in seconds. This speed increases the application’s performance as well.

The downside

A downside of this type of a hosting solution is that it is quite similar to having a dedicated server in terms of maintenance and administration. It would require lots of technical skills for successful management. If you feel you do not have such skills in-house or don’t want to manage the associated hassles, you should go for a managed Database Hosting service where the provider will handle most or all the administrative tasks on your behalf.

A factor that plays an important role in going for this type of hosting is if you really require it. It is not for every business. For example, if you are in a small online business with certain ecommerce features and shopping carts, this hosting solution is definitely not a good choice for you since you would be able to manage pretty well with any hosting plan that would allow you access to several databases instead of an entire server.

How Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Plans Suit Your Business Needs

You may be searching for a reliable and non-expensive hosting solution for your website. You have plenty of options in front of you like the shared hosting, dedicated server or the VPS. A dedicated server may not suit your business as you may not need the facilities it offers and its high costs may not fit into your budget.

In both VPS hosting and shared hosting, you share the server with other businesses. VPS though more expensive than shared hosting offers dedicated resources and better features. You have a choice of servers to consider between Linux and Windows. If you are a small business the cheap Linux VPS hosting plans will fit into your budget.

Unless your website is built on ASP, ASP.NET. MSSQL or MSACCESS technologies, you should consider the cheap Linux VPS hosting plans for your business. Linux is an open source UNIX based technology and available in many distributions. Windows servers are owned by Microsoft and commercially sold and all the products carry a license fee. This makes all Linux services less expensive than Windows.


There are several benefits for your business when you choose the cheap VPS servers. You can

  • Customize and configure the server in any manner suitable to your business.

  • You have root access to your server area and the liberty to install any software application that you find useful for your business.

  • Each of the websites is independent of one another. Even if you draw more resources to manage high traffic, it will not have any impact on the others.

  • You are provided with a dedicated IP address which identifies and differentiates your business from the other accounts sharing the server.

  • You have your own space for your businesses. No other entity can enter your container and this guarantees you of utmost privacy.

Do not be under the misconception that you must compromise on some services or in quality of products when you buy cheap Linux VPS hosting plans. High competition and the sheer volume of requirement has made the services affordable. Your servers are housed in redundant data centers where your servers get all the facilities at a fixed monthly price. The VPS providers offer strong SLA commitments with 99.95% network uptime and high-speed connectivity.

Data security:

Your data is the most important feature for your business. You cannot afford to lose it or have it compromised with attacks from cyber criminals. Your cheap Linux VPS hosting plans come inclusive of the costs of security measures. These include prevention and effective measures against D-DoS attacks, anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, firewall etc. The data centers are manned by armed security guards and entry into the data centers are restricted to authorized persons only.

When you are choosing a provider, you must select one that has an efficient technical support team to assist you. They should be available 24/7 throughout the year and answer to your queries in case you face any issues with the server or the network. Customer support is one of the most significant requirements from a provider.

How to Find a Cheap WordPress Server

Locating a cheap WordPress server may not be hard. There are thousands of web hosting providers which claim to offer affordable WordPress solutions. WordPress is the most popular content management system for blogging sites. Choosing an affordable yet reliable provider is therefore an important task. When you look for a cheap WordPress server, you should not blindly believe companies which say that they offer the best WordPress hosting services for the lowest rates. You need to check for their background and reputation before you sign on the dotted line.


Helpful tips to find a cheap WordPress server:

  1. One of the first things to consider is the provider’s reputation. You need to check for its track record and read through customer feedbacks. When you can get hold of a reliable web hosting company, you can be confident of getting quality supports and customer service. On the other hand, choosing a lesser-known web host can land you in a lot of trouble, exposing you to threats of scams.
  2. You must choose a host which can guarantee full compatibility with the PHP 5.2.4 version the MySQL 5.0 version. This will guarantee higher security and reliability for the WordPress users.
  3. When choosing a cheap WordPress server, you need to make sure that it can offer you additional features which will make the site robust and attractive. WordPress solutions will typically offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, user-friendly control panels and WordPress installers. Managed services for WordPress are likely to be costlier than unmanaged hosting.
  4. As WordPress is also available through shared hosting, it can be bought for lower rates. When the WordPress server is extremely low or high priced, it should ideally be avoided. Even if you get a cheap WordPress server, there is no reason to think that it is unreliable. It is however better to select providers which give a money-back guarantee. This works like a security guarantee for buyers and they can discontinue the plans if they are not happy with the performance.
  5. Before you buy a cheap WordPress server, you need to check for its downtime history and page loading speeds. When the sites suffer from frequent downtimes, visitors are likely to abandon them. So, it may be a good idea to check customer reviews about their speeds and downtimes. Reliable WordPress services will usually guarantee a 99.9% uptime.
  6. Besides the SSL certificate, WordPress hosting providers must deploy security measures like regular updates, backups and round-the-clock monitoring services.
  7. For the beginners, WordPress is an excellent platform to get started. It is cheap and reliable and will allow newcomers to create and manage sites easily. However, they are also likely to face technical issues from time to time. This is why the WordPress hosting provider must be able to offer 24×7 technical supports through chats, emails and phone calls. You should check for their response times before signing up for a cheap WordPress server.

Using these guidelines, you should be able to buy cheap WordPress hosting solutions. The idea is to choose a host depending on its background, uptime guarantees, customer service support, security provisions and pricing.

How To Choose The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider For Your Online Business Website

The decision to choose the right ecommerce web hosting provider for your online selling business can be tough. You are unlikely to come across any service provider offering less that 99% uptime, the best resources and 24/7 support but we all know that these are marketing gimmicks that most companies use liberally to grab your attention and your business.

Thankfully, not all web host services are the same. There are a few genuine and reputed companies that are actually committed to delivering a great ecommerce experience. They too make tall claims but deliver a good part of their promises, if not all. Your job is to find an ecommerce web hosting service that helps you establish your business by offering the best available features and great support when you need it.


What Are The Features To Look For

Finding the best web hosting for ecommerce business involves identifying the top companies in this niche and comparing a few key features that can have a direct bearing on the way you manage your online enterprise. A website hosting platform capable of handling the tasks associated with an ecommerce website, and has the ability to offer high flexibility and scalability is what you need for your business.

The best ecommerce hosting platform is one that offers quality templates that can be customized to match your business requirements. Other things that you must look out for are:

  • An integrated shopping cart
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Best solution for inventory management
  • Tools for store management
  • Detailed analytics
  • Configuration options and many others

Fast Loading Speeds

Speed is a key requirement for ecommerce business as fast loading times is imperative to attract and retain customers. If the ecommerce web pages take a long time to open, it is very likely that visitors would move away to competitors or to websites that load faster. Your web hosting for ecommerce provider plays a key role in the way your website loads and performs. Choose a service with a reputation for fast loading speeds regardless of the physical location of your business.

Ample Storage Space

Storage is another important feature to consider while choosing an ecommerce hosting service. An ecommerce business website is bound to have lots of images and videos that can take up a lot of space. Choose a website hosting for ecommerce service that provide unlimited storage and data transfers. These are key factors for smooth running of your online business. By choosing a service that offers unlimited storage, you can ensure that the performance of your ecommerce business website will not be limited by data storage.

Stringent Security

Security is another aspect that must rank high on your list of priorities while choosing an ecommerce website hosting service. As an ecommerce business, you will be handling a large number of online transactions on a daily basis. That’s why it is critical to focus on making your website as secure as possible to earn the confidence of your customers. A private SSL is a great way of They protecting card information, user logins and passwords. A fully secured website will also deter hackers and unscrupulous elements and prevent misuse of confidential information.

Choose a web hosting for ecommerce service that satisfies all the above requirements in an affordable manner for best results.

Features of the Best VPS Hosting Service Provider that Augment Your Web Footprint

In order to choose the best VPS service provider, we need to understand the essence of Virtual Private Server. Many experts consider Virtual Private Server hosting as an intermediate service between shared and dedicated hosting services. It shares similar characteristics of multi tenancy with shared hosting and also offers independent functioning of websites irrespective of neighbors.

Virtual Private Service blends essential features of shared and dedicated hosting without excessive disturbance of neighboring websites similar to shared hosting and expensive cost of dedicated server hosting. Every Virtual Private Server is dedicated to a single site with an individual operating system. Users of the best VPS hosting provider services can have independent access to greater resources than shared hosting services in spite of co-existence of several Virtual Private Servers.


Vital features of VPS hosting services

Moving to a VPS hosting service is a very significant step for the assured availability of your online enterprise. This demands an in-depth analysis of VPS provider’s features and background. While every provider of VPS hosting services claim to offer high availability, assured uptime, with a broad array of special plans and features that can influence decision making process.

You can definitely look into such offerings but there are few essential aspects of the best VPS hosting provider that need to be looked into. Your proposed VPS hosting service provider must be capable of providing a highly reliable service coupled with uncompromised performance. One should look for SLA backed assurance of high uptime.

VPS hosting plans need to include free security measures for your Virtual Private Server in addition to replacement guarantee of hardware. Server management should be user-friendly with intuitive management controls backed by applications designed to facilitate smooth management of server. You may confirm individual features such as quick deployment, web control center, integrated support, easy upgrade, and prompt control to name a few.

One of the most vital features to look for is the operating system of Virtual Private Server. Users are free to choose either Windows or Linux operating system. Check for the availability of top of the line OS. The best VPS hosting provider has ability to assure reliable technical support and well designed maintenance program that does not impact your website’s online availability.

Users of reliable VPS hosting India are assured of customizability in order to support their individual requirements of hosting. One needs to confirm this feature while choosing right plans.

Important considerations

Selection of the best VPS hosting provider that fulfills your requirements is an extremely complex task. The overall exercise of choosing a right service provider is complicated due to presence of myriad hosting providers that claim to offer almost similar features. However you may simplify your selection process by evaluating the following parameters.

Choice of VPS hosting type includes fully managed, basic, unmanaged and partially or semi-managed VPS plans. Every type of VPS hosting plan accounts for varying levels of support from providers. You should also compare prices of different plans from VPS hosting providers by comparing various features as discussed earlier.