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How Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Plans Suit Your Business Needs

You may be searching for a reliable and non-expensive hosting solution for your website. You have plenty of options in front of you like the shared hosting, dedicated server or the VPS. A dedicated server may not suit your business as you may not need the facilities it offers and its high costs may not fit into your budget.

In both VPS hosting and shared hosting, you share the server with other businesses. VPS though more expensive than shared hosting offers dedicated resources and better features. You have a choice of servers to consider between Linux and Windows. If you are a small business the cheap Linux VPS hosting plans will fit into your budget.

Unless your website is built on ASP, ASP.NET. MSSQL or MSACCESS technologies, you should consider the cheap Linux VPS hosting plans for your business. Linux is an open source UNIX based technology and available in many distributions. Windows servers are owned by Microsoft and commercially sold and all the products carry a license fee. This makes all Linux services less expensive than Windows.


There are several benefits for your business when you choose the cheap VPS servers. You can

  • Customize and configure the server in any manner suitable to your business.

  • You have root access to your server area and the liberty to install any software application that you find useful for your business.

  • Each of the websites is independent of one another. Even if you draw more resources to manage high traffic, it will not have any impact on the others.

  • You are provided with a dedicated IP address which identifies and differentiates your business from the other accounts sharing the server.

  • You have your own space for your businesses. No other entity can enter your container and this guarantees you of utmost privacy.

Do not be under the misconception that you must compromise on some services or in quality of products when you buy cheap Linux VPS hosting plans. High competition and the sheer volume of requirement has made the services affordable. Your servers are housed in redundant data centers where your servers get all the facilities at a fixed monthly price. The VPS providers offer strong SLA commitments with 99.95% network uptime and high-speed connectivity.

Data security:

Your data is the most important feature for your business. You cannot afford to lose it or have it compromised with attacks from cyber criminals. Your cheap Linux VPS hosting plans come inclusive of the costs of security measures. These include prevention and effective measures against D-DoS attacks, anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, firewall etc. The data centers are manned by armed security guards and entry into the data centers are restricted to authorized persons only.

When you are choosing a provider, you must select one that has an efficient technical support team to assist you. They should be available 24/7 throughout the year and answer to your queries in case you face any issues with the server or the network. Customer support is one of the most significant requirements from a provider.